Never Give Up – Even After 950 Times!

There are some people in life who I’ve met and wish I hadn’t, and some people who I’ve never met, but wish that I could. I’ve never met the lady pictured, but I admire her. Why? Because she truly understands the saying Never Give Up. This south Korean lady, age 68, knows persistence, failure, perseverance, and now a sense of accomplishment.

She took her written exam for her driver’s license 950 times. That’s right, 950 times. I’m a strong woman and quite confident, but I truly don’t think that I would have that kind of determination. This lady has taken her written test almost daily since 2005. She’s determined to get her driver’s license so she can become self-sufficient. She owns a vegetable selling-business.

For everyone who is struggling in any area of their life and is finding themselves on the Whoa Me Trip and thinking about giving up, please allow this lady to be an example for you. Never give up.



  1. I've read some of the comments and I'd like to say, at least she took the test (even if it was that many times).  I know people in my community who haven't and they drive anyways, or how about the ones who've had their licenses revoked because of drunk driving and still drive.  This woman at least is trying to do things the legal way.  I wonder too, if there was some written language barrier being the issue why she had to take it so many times.

  2. Hi Brittany,

    Thanks for stopping by.  LOL, lets hope she does better on the driving portion of the test.  Please visit us again, we love comments.

  3. Amen to that!!! 950 times is truly not giving up!!! Thank goodness though I don't live where she does…I'd be afraid to drive near her.

  4. @sugary79, maybe she will do better on the driving exam.  You have to love her determination. lol.

  5. I saw this on the news -amazing!  This is the definition of tenacity!  Love it!

  6. um, i hope i dont encounter her on the road!