My Thanksgiving Turkey

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I hope everyone had a Safe and Blessed Thanksgiving.  I spent Thanksgiving with my daughter and her family and one of their family friends and his children. We spend the day cooking a turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, collard greens, greenbeans and corn, sweet potato casserole, sour kraut, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, cornbread and rolls.

Since we were serving both a turkey and ham, we went with a 15 pound bird instead of 20-25 pounds. Here she is golden brown and surrounded by Golden Delicious apples on a bed of fresh parsley.  As you can see I don’t stuff my bird,  I prepare my stuffing as a side dish. One because I don’t like overly moist stuffing and second it cuts down on the cooking time. 

This year I decided to marinate my turkey overnight in a brine of water, brown sugar, garlic, kosher salt, and vanilla.  I won’t do it again, with the exception of it being saltier I didn’t notice much of an addition to the flavor. I prefer injecting my turkey with a Cajun flavor or just allowing it to roast slowly and basting it often with butter.

What size turkey do you normally prepare and how do you add flavor to your turkey?  Share your Thanksgiving memories here



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  1. I am so glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! It was just Grampy and I but I cooked a 17 pound turkey with all the trimmings except the cranberry sauce! There is almost enough turkey left today to make one more sandwich — which is the best part!

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Hi Kc. I can’t believe you cooked a 17 pound turkey for you and Grampy. I’m glad you had a blessed Thanksgiving. Oh, you won’t find cranberry sauce on my table either, lol.

  2. Seems delicious 🙂
    Maria V.

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Hi Maria. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the turkey was delicious and I had a great time with family. I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving too.