My Little Diva – Beach Fail

My Myrtle Beach vacation is over.  I could use another one, this time without the kids. They require energy, lots of energy. The weather was beautiful for the majority of the week, we had a great time.  

Things didn’t go as we had hoped with my little diva. She’s modeling her new bikini in the photos above, but that is as much use as she got out of it.  In a previous post, I talked about how Zarriah wasn’t fond of the beach. Well, she’s still not fond of the beach.  We attempted to take her to the beach twice during our vacation.  The first day, she lasted about 30 minutes. She decided that she wasn’t interested in building sand castles, she rather munch on chips.  After a few handfuls, she wanted to return to the condo.  Thank goodness her grandfather was there, he’s not fond of the beach either so it worked out.  He was happy to babysit while we enjoyed the beach.  

The second day out we took her out in her new bikini.  It didn’t end well, she said a fly got on her sandcastle and on her belly.  She wasn’t having any part of it.  She insisted that she be returned to cleanliness and she wanted the bikini off immediately.  What’s a diva to do?  This one decided to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and watch cartoon network.  She was perfectly content, and later decided to take a nap.  After all a girl needs her beauty sleep.  

Needless to say the beach is not working out with this diva.  We’re looking at the Disney cruise for next year’s vacation.  Do you have a diva?  How do you handle yours?



  1. Your little Diva could not look cuter in that new suit! I am sorry she doesn't like the beach! I LOVE the beach and my own daughter never liked it — however! Amara loves going to the beach and since her Mom hates it guess that means I get to be the one to take her!  She has now decided she wants to learn to surf! Blonde hair and blue eyes — she will make the perfect little surfer girl and Grandma will get to sit on the sand and enjoy it all. Have a great week.

    • We all love the beach, so it's going to be interesting to see how vacation works out in the future with our little non beach goer.  I never learned to surf, it's exciting that Amara wants to surf.  Yes, she will be the perfect California girl, lol.  You have a great week too!