My Grandson’s Christmas Gift – A Race Car Bed

race car bed Look at what Mama did. I’m redoing my grandson’s nursery, we’re turning it into a big boy’s room. This race car bed is his Christmas present from Mama and Gaga as he calls us. Isn’t it adorable. Xavier turned 2 in September, so we thought it would be a good time to transition him from mommy and daddy’s bed to his own. We’re hoping the new furniture and decor will make him want to stay in his own bed. Wish us luck. If you’ve overcome this problem, we would love to hear how you accomplished it.

I ordered the Little Tikes Lightning McQueen bed from Amazon. They offered free shipping which I love, and the bed could be shipped directly to my daughter and SIL. I decided to purchase the twin size bed instead of the toddler.  Although the twin was more expensive than the toddler, from an economic stand point it was cheaper than buying another bed in a few years because he had outgrown it. We initially painted the walls in Xavier’s nursery a light blue, which worked out perfectly. We purchased the comforter set, shown below, and it has the same shade of blue in it as the walls. We’re using a red McQueen valance for the window treatments.
McQueen bedding Instead of wallpaper border, we’re going to use framed posters of Mater and McQueen. We don’t want to overdo the room, so we’re going to use a plain red lamp and rug to pull the room together.

I found these adorable drawer pulls by Farm Fresh Knobs and Pulls, and couldn’t resist them. They carry a variety of characters to choose from, which includes Mater, Doc, Sally, Flo, Sheriff and others for $2.99 each. They really give the chest of drawers a fresh look. He received a flat screen TV from his other grandparents last Christmas, so we decided to install cable in his room. We’re hoping that he will want to stay in his room and watch his allocated TV time there.

We’re going to pull everything together after the 1st of the year. I’ll post pictures when everything is completed. If you’ve decorated your son’s room in a race car theme, please leave us a few tips. We would love to hear from you.



  1. I really like the drawer handles and think that your decision to just use a red lamp is a great idea.The Race Car Twin Bed is made from premium grade, high-density MDF, a new generation engineered wood product, highly regarded for it's strength, durability & finishing characteristics.

    Twin Race Car Bed

  2. what a fun project! You picked the perfect theme for his room. My friend's son is in love with Cars the movie and I know he would love those beds!

  3. How cute!

  4. Very cool Choice. Both my boys love Lightening Mc queen love the drawer pulls that is one thing we didn't get. We also have some great decal of Lightening and the gang. They are nice and big and fun for them. what I love about them is that they come on & off the wall and can be repositioned and still are sticky. Think I got them from either Home depot or Disney Store Online 2 yrs ago. Or was it Target…I'm sorry my mind is aweful.
    I'm sure he's gonna love it.

  5. How cool! I always wanted one of those cool beds when I was a kid – LOL.

  6. I really like the drawer handles and think that your decision to just use a red lamp is a great idea. I'm thinking of doing my son's room in Astro Boy, we have a movie poster and then I'll just ad some color to the walls

  7. we did cars theme for the boys when we lived back in ct walmart and party city carried peel stickers for the wall. they are made for play and to use imagination. we put those by the bed so when they got up they chose that.

    love knobs

  8. Rhonda…that is SO adorable! I have a grandson who is 2 also and he is McQueen
    starstruck. I love the little knobs you found. thanks for the head's up on these, I would love to change out some on my son's dresser.

    I agree with you on the twin bed…if it's too high you can always buy the mesh short "rail" to keep them safe on the upper end of the bedside and they can still get out easily. I just love what they have to offer little boys now. It used to be that rooms choice for decor was pretty slim but always had plenty of little girl things.
    LUCKY little boy I would say!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  9. Wow, that's awesome! My son would sooo be in love with that!!

  10. your grandson will love his new room!  i can't wait to see the pics.

  11. I hope you bought the wooden support board for the mattress as the bed does not come with it.  My sons have a vehicle themed room and I like the
    a retired Pottery Barn vintage vehicle mobile

  12. WOO HOO for Lightning McQueen! We have a Lightning room as well. For us, the transition was pretty tame. We put the bed together as a surprise, and went with him to his room one day (during the afternoon) and made a HUGE deal out of it. Then at bedtime, made another big deal about it. We put a gate on the outside of his door so he could open his door, but not come out, just in case he got up, but we didn't have many problems!

  13. Wow! What an awesome room it looks like he is going to have! I wish that I had thought about the toddle bed that I bought more…My daughter climbed out of crib and it was kind of last min…when we bought it…but here we are 6 months later and need to get a twin bed. I think that you made a good choice.