Mother Removed From Plane for Breastfeeding

A mother, her husband, and baby were removed from a Delta airlines flight because a flight attendant believed she wasn’t covered enough while breast-feeding. The mother states she was seated by the window in the next-to-last row, her husband was seated between her and the aisle and no part of her breast was showing. The flight attendant offered her a blanket; however, she declined and told the flight attendant that she had a legal right to breast-feed her baby. The flight attendant wanted the head of her 23-month old covered.

Let the sega begin! The flight attendant requested that the family be removed from the plane. Rather than cause a scene, the family obliged. They’ve decided to fight back. They filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission in Vermont against Delta Air Lines and Freedom Airlines.

With all the controversy over breast-feeding in public should the mother have taken the blanket as the flight attendant requested? Did she irritate the flight attendant with her “I have a legal right to breast-feed my baby” comment? Should we educate flight attendants on that fact that some mothers choose to breast-feed, and it’s not a crime? Did the flight attendant go too far by having the family removed from the flight? If the flight attendant discovered the mother was breast-feeding other passengers would have done the same. With this in mind, did the flight attendant have a right to ask the mother to cover herself and her baby with the blanket? Let us know your thoughts!



  1. I breastfed all four of my kids. Years ago I didn’t have the nursing shirts that I had with my last. I did use the thin recieving blankets when I breastfed my first three 15 years ago. They always got so hot and sweaty. My son who is now 3 1/2 breastfed till he was 2 1/2. The nursing shirts are wonderful. I would breastfeed almost anywhere and no one would know. Being against a window and protected by her husband being at her side. I see not one reason for anyone to complain. Some people like to complain and find any small reason to do so. I don’t think that this was even a valid reason. Some people given any amount of power to make rash decisions over use this so called power. Sorry for such a long blog but this upsets me. Traveling with young children is hard enough. Having to deal with bratty adults makes it much more harder.

  2. Absolutely BRUTAL!!!!

    I will be flying to Italy with my toddler who will be 24 months at the time and will be breastfeeding on the flight. I cannot even imagine how I would freak if a flight attendant said that to me!