Meet the Dino 5: Dinosaur Rappers

Dino 5

Does your boy or girl love dinosaurs?  If so, check out the Dino 5.  The Dino 5 are friends, and includes Tracy, Billy, DJ, Teo and MC.  T-Rex is adorable, he carries a stuffed bunny. Billy is the best dancer in the group, DJ is the leader and spends records, Teo loves dino dogs and french fries, and Tracy loves sports.    

If you visit the Dino 5 site, you can lesson to each dino rap the ABCs and learn about each of their likes and about their family.   

The Dino 5 Baby Love Rap, Baby Loves Salsa, Baby Loves Disco, Baby Loves Jazz and Baby Loves Music.  They’re guaranteed to get your baby moving and grooving.   

Hall of Fame hip-hop producer, Prince Paul, is the master mind behind the preschool music.  You can purchase the Dino 5’s music at Target, Amazon, or Wal-Mart.  It’s guaranteed to get your baby moving and grooving.  It’s appropriate for ages 2 – 8.