Lets Shoot The Kitties

Here’s one for the books, Principal Shoots Kittens on school grounds. His reasoning, to keep them from starving. Apparently the mother of the kittens was killed, and the principal decided to shoot the kittens rather than see them starve. Students who were on the school property heard the shots. The principal stated that no students were in danger. I guess taking the kittens to the Humane Society or seeking a home for them never crossed his mind. He could have also called animal control. Most importantly, why is a school principal carrying a gun on school grounds? Besides shooting the defenseless kittens, carrying a gun on school property is a felony.

What’s happening in our school systems? Why has the world become so violent? This is an educated man who was selected to lead a particular student body and its teachers. If this is the type of decision that he made regarding kittens, I sure wouldn’t want him making decisions regarding my child’s education. Fortunately, this principal accepted a settlement and resigned. Frankly, I would have fired him without paying him a dime, but I guess the goal was to rid the school of him and his poor decision making skills as quickly as possible.