Lets Play Ball – Women Beaters

Do we put too much emphasis on sports in this country?  I like sports, but I do have a problem with the attention that it gets. It’s placed before school and grades, the players make more money than doctors who save lives, and now pro athletes can beat women and that crime becomes second to the game.   

I watched the video of Ray Rice throwing a left hook and knocking his now wife unconscious. I’m sure you’ve seen it too, it’s been on every TV station in the country.  I know that domestic violence happens everyday, but the sight of him dragging her out of the elevator with her skirt up over her behind and than dropping her on her face was just horrifying.  He never bothered to pull her skirt down even with another man standing there looking at her. He just steps over her like a piece of trash.  Did I mention, she’s the mother of his daughter? You can watch the hotel video courtesy of TMZ here and you be the judge.  

His punishment was anger management and a 2 game suspension from the NFL.  That is until this video surfaced.  The Baltimore Ravens than decided to fire him.  Not because they believed it was the right thing to do, but they had to calm America.  There are men and women who are enraged over this video and there are others who are wearing a Ray Rice jersey and wanting him back on the team. Those wearing the jersey include women, who believe the situation should remain a personal matter.  Has anyone informed these people that domestic violence is a crime in this country? 

Unfortunately, they have 14 additional players that are or have been involved in domestic abuse issues and they are still playing ball in the NFL. I’m sure there are just as many in the NBA, NHL, and other sports. I think this sends a pretty sick message to our youth who look up to these million dollar players.  You can beat your pregnant wife, girlfriend or your wife that is not pregnant and still make a million bucks in our league.  Sports is number one in this country.  Women will come and go, but football, basketball, baseball and every other sport is here to stay.  It’s so disgusting.  

Janay Palmer, the now wife of Ray Rice married him within 30 days of the knockout punch and apologized for her role in getting beat up.  When Ray Rice was fired from the Ravens, she blamed the media and enraged Americans for embarrassing them, making them feel alone and ruining their life.  Apparently, it’s not unusual for victims to marry their abusers.  Personally, if a man knocked my ass out and I mean that figuratively as well as literally, I would be running in the opposite direction.  There would be nothing inside of me that would believe that he wouldn’t do it again.  He knocked her out in a public elevator.  This wasn’t behind closed doors in their home.

I’m not being judgmental against women who stay in abusive relationships, we all have the right to live our life the way we choose, but there isn’t enough love or money that would keep me in that situation, I have a zero tolerance policy.  You put your hands on me once and I’m done.  I worked with a lady years ago who ended up killing her husband.  I worked with her 5 days a week for years and I had no idea she was being abused until she shoot him.  She didn’t receive jail time, but she has to live with killing her children’s father for the rest of her life.  

Domestic violence is a huge problem in this country. We wonder why men and women stay in abusive relationships and we wonder why the abuser hurts someone they claim to love.  Fear seems to be the biggest reason for victims who stay and control is the biggest reason for the abuse.  For victims who wish to get out of abusive relationships, it is advised that you have a plan. Check out The National Domestic Violence Hotline’s advice on how to establish a plan.       

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  1. I don't get it either KC. This country needs education about domestic violence, and we should start with the adults.  It seems that the love of money overrides all that is moral and right, but yet none of us can take it with us when we're trying to make our way into heaven.  We've reached a new low, when the love of a football game overrides what's right.  Praying for this country,

  2. This is such a good post and I am right there with you! Why do we let athletes or anyone else who has harmed another person be looked upon as some kind of hero? Is this the example we want our athletes to set for our children? Are high school girls supposed to think it is OK that their boyfriend hits them because after all he is the quarter back? I am right there on the the soap box next to you. I couldn't believe the news this morning with all these women wearing his jersey — I just don't get it.