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Do you have a preschooler or kindergartener who loves fairies?  We have a fun kindergarten activities pack.  Your little girl will love it, I’m sure.  Our fairy pack includes a cutting page and count the butterflies. We also have a fairy land mushrooms addition page.  Other pages include:  follow the pixie dust, a coloring page, and spot the difference.   We’ve included a match the fairies page as well. 

Little girls love fairies.  There’s Tinkerbell, the tooth fairy, and now the educational fairy.  Our educational fairies are adorable.  They’re bright, magical and eager to help your preschooler or kindergartener.   Did you see them blow the fairy dust and wave their magic wands!

I believe basic skills are needed so our children can build a solid foundation.  As a result, I’m a huge advocate of early education.  Children learn when they can relate.  Our Kindergarten Activities will help early learners count.  Additionally, they will learn to write the numbers 1 – 20.  Furthermore, they encourage children to perform basic addition.

We also have a cutting exercise.  It will help early learners develop their fine motor skills.  Did I mention that my granddaughter loves her scissors.  She is ready to cut anything.  We’ve had the hair cutting talk, so hopefully she won’t go there.

Also, noteworthy are our spot the difference and matching exercises.  We encourage children to develop cognitive skills.  These exercises help children to compare objects.  They also encourage concentration and attention to detail.  These skills will prove beneficial in later life.  Concentration and detail are essential.

Finally, download the fairy kindergarten activities sheets here Be sure to subscribe so you can receive other fabulous printables.  You may also like Fall Kindergarten Activity Pack.   Also, check out the Kindergarten Super Hero and Sports Matching printables.  You can find the  Cupcake Matching printable here.  These printables are great for homeschooling or just helping your child sharpen skills.



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  1. These are lovely and I shared it with my daughters grandma’s own fairies!!

  2. My daughter is in kindergarten! I think she would love this!

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Hey there lady.  Nice to see you.  My granddaughter loves these printables.  They are really helping her improve her skills too.  Hope your daughter enjoys them.

  3. Just adorable! I think kids get into an educational lesson more eagerly if it’s presented in a theme they love.
    Hope your little granddaughter takes your advice not to cut her own hair – one of mine trimmed her bangs a few months ago and the results are still evident!

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Thanks Joyce.  My granddaughter is in kindergarten, and I love creating these worksheets to enhance her skills.  She is truly engaged with the themes.  If they work for her, I’m sure they will work for others.  I’m laughing so hard about your granddaughter cutting her bangs. So you can relate for sure about the scissors concern.  Hope it grows back soon.