Keebler Bug Bites

When my grandson visits I make sure I have his favorite snacks, one of which is the Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish. While in search of the gold fish, I came across these cinnamon graham crackers in the shape of butterflies, dragonflies, and lady bugs among others made by Keebler. Their new on the market, so I thought I test them with my grandson.

He fell in love with these little bugs. He walks around the house saying, “Eat a bug. Eat a bug.” It’s so adorable. These little cookies make great snacks with a cup of milk. They’re excellent soothers for boo boos too.

Your children will giggle while they gobble them up. Oh adults love them too, at least I do and they make a great conversation piece with us big kids. Some kids never grow up!



  1. This is such a random question! I was googling to find out where to find these because I can only find the snack pouches of them and I want to find a big box for my son's birthday party which is an insect theme–and then I found your blog post! Can you tell me where you purchase yours? I went to about 5 grocery stores today with no luck. Thanks so much!

  2. How yummy looking!