Judy’s Bottle Holder Give Away

As mothers with infants there are times when we need 8 hands. Judy, the owner, of Judy’s Bottle holder understood our dilemma. Judy and her team spent 12 years developing a bottle holder to assist us with feedings. They developed a flexible bottle-holding device that allows caregivers to safely hold and feed their babies with one arm while performing other simple tasks with the other hand. Unlike bottle proppers, Judy’s Bottle Holder promotes proper positional feeding and requires adult supervision. Judy’s Bottle Holder has been endorsed by
Pediatricians. Not only is it physician-endorsed, it has been hospital approved and designated as ergonomically correct.

I was thrilled when I received the opportunity to review the holder. I found it to be sturdy, and loved the fact that it comes in a variety of bright colors like yellow, purple, pink, blue and turquoise. The portion of the holder that is used to house the bottle expands and it is movable, so it can hold a variety of bottles and you can adjust it so it is comfortable for you and baby. I was concerned that the holder would feel heavy around my neck when I tried it initially, but it’s actually quite comfortable. I was able to hold my nephew and feed him while I performed a variety of tasks such as answer the phone, pour a cup of coffee, open the front door etc. It truly frees up one of your hand to do other things.

I do want to mention that when I watched the video on Judy’s site, I thought the holder was wide. It is not; however, the fact that it is narrow doesn’t take away from the comfort around your neck or its ability to hold the bottle.

I believe the bottle holders would make a great gift for a new mom. Judy was kind enough to send two holders. That means we have two holders to give away to our readers. You could be a winner. Here’s how: visit Judy’s Bottle Holder and view the video on her fabulous holder. Come back and leave us a comment on what you liked about the holder. A winner will be selected from the posts. (Please note we only have two holders, 1 yellow and 1 purple). You may state your preference, but you may not receive the color of your choice).
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This give away is open to US and Canada Residents 18+. Give Away will end October 16, 2009 at mid-night.



  1. I love how it looks so easy to use 🙂

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  3. i love that its physician endorsed and hosptal approved.thats so cool i have never seen anything like it what a great helper 🙂

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  5. i like that it helps prevent ear infections

  6. Madwoman-doing-cartwheels says:

    I gave you a vote on Top Baby Blogs!

    rubymoonstone at gmail dot com

  7. Madwoman-doing-cartwheels says:

    I really really think this is a great invention. I like that the bottle is held in the proper position while freeing up one hand. That is so helpful. Very informative video!

    Thanks for the chance to win and i have no color preference.

    rubymoonstone at gmail dot com

  8. I was amazed that they worked on developing this product for 12 years

  9. can feed baby one handed mverno@roadrunner.com

  10. Tooth decay and serious gum disease can occur with bottle propping. This holder prevents that! trixpixel(at)gmail.com

  11. Wow, I didn't know that improper bottle feeding could lead to ear infections! I like that her holder prevents that!

  12. I like that it holds the bottle in the correct position for feeding