9 Items You Should Have in Your Travel Carry On

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Packing for a trip can be overwhelming.  We have a tendency to over pack, and not plan accordingly.  A lack of planning leads to us leaving something behind that we need or wished that we had packed.  Organization is key, and the travel carry on should be a priority.   Check out our top items for the travel carry on that you will need or wish you had packed at some point:

Daily Medicines – If you take medicines daily place them in a pill box and carry them with you in you travel carry on.  Many travelers make the mistake of placing them in checked baggage.  However, if your baggage is lost or delayed you will be without your medicines.  Don’t jeopardize your health, plan ahead.

A Shawl or Light Blanket – I haven’t been on a flight yet, that didn’t end up cold.  It didn’t matter if it was a long flight or a short one.  Years ago, flight attendants gave out pillows and blankets to passengers.  But, that luxury is no longer available.  As a result, I take a light blanket on my flights.  I always purchase a light weight travel blanket that I can fold and easily place back into my carry on.

Flight and Travel Information – I always keep my itinerary and other travel documents in my carry on in a plastic document travel bag.  This includes hotel and car reservations, travel agency information and places of interest.

Passport – I keep my passport in a pocket in my carry on.  Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I don’t include it with my flight or travel information.  As a result, I still have my passport if the travel information gets lost. I can always retrieve my travel information from my phone or laptop, but trying to get another passport while in travel status can be a challenge.

Water /Snacks – For some reason, I’m usually asleep when they bring the snack and drink cart through.  So, I pack a few snacks or a sandwich from one of the airport shops and a bottle of water in my carry-on.  If I have the kids, I also pack snacks in their carry-on as well as drinks.

Phone/Electronics Chargers – I place my phone and other electronic chargers in gallon baggies, and place them in my carry on.  If I’m able to find an outlet in the airport, I can charge my phone or use my tablet or laptop without running down the batteries.

Lightweight Change of Clothing and Toiletries – I always pack a sundress, extra pair of underwear, leggings or a pair of shorts & tee in my carry on.  Roll them so they don’t take up much room. I also carry a toothbrush and toothpaste.  You can purchase travel size toiletries at CVS, Walmart or Walgreens.

Travel Pillow – I sleep on my flights, so I always take a travel pillow.  They keep my neck from getting stiff or ending up in an awkward position.

Tissues/Hand Wipes – Personally, I have allergies and tissues are a must.  I carry them in my purse as well as my travel carry on.  Additionally, I take hand wipes and use them regularly.

We hope that will find our tips for your travel carry on beneficial.  You may also like: Using Travel Check Lists to Organize Packing.  













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  1. Those are all great things to take with the carry-on.  I went on an 8 hour flight to Ecuador in September and deeply regret I didn’t bring a travel pillow.  Next time, for sure!

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Hi Terra.  Nice to see you.  Hope life is treating you well. The travel pillow comes in handy for sure. I’m sorry I didn’t purchase one sooner. Thanks for stopping by.