It All Starts With You

Trenton Shelton

Make The World Respect Your Greatness.  That was Trent Shelton’s message this week-end at Dream Chasers in Richmond, VA.  I’m a big fan of Trent Shelton.  I’m a lover of his quotes and I have read several of his books.  He’s a great motivator.  I missed him when he was in my area, so I decided to pack a bag and check him out at a venue several hours away with my sister.  My sister is a Life Coach at Full Steem Ahead.  It was so worth it.  If you’re not familiar with him, check him out here.  If he’s in your area, go see him.  He’s a great motivator and keeps it real. He’s funny, thought provoking, and has a genuine way of getting his message across.  His audience is diverse, but mainly consists of women of all ages and ethnicity.  

I was impressed with this young man’s story.  He was a star football player at Baylor University, which is a private Baptist university in Waco, Texas.  Trent was drafted into the NFL; however, he didn’t excel as he had hoped.  Listening to his story, he didn’t come close to being a star in the NFL although he earned a good paycheck while he was there.  As a matter of fact he stated, “When I was financially stable, I was depressed.”  He spent time partying, running women and just throwing his life away. He was eventually cut from the NFL and had to figure out what he was going to do with  his life.   He finally accepted that he had to turn his life around, and so he did.  

He now shares his story across the country and internationally. What I like about this young man is that there is no glamour, special effects or a big show when he’s speaking.  He just speaks from the heart, shares his story as it happened, and tells you how you can turn your life around too.   Trent stated, “Success was the foundation for my failure.”   Funny, we spend so much time and energy reaching for success.  He’s a perfect example of how quickly you can fall or on another note, how you don’t always reach the destination that you have set for yourself.  Maybe God has another plan for you too.  

He spoke for about an hour, and I didn’t drift away once.  I actually took notes, because I know that God is not done with me yet either.  I’m still learning and growing.  Trent is young enough to be my son, but I learned from him this week-end.  You never know who is being sent to teach lessons that you need in your life.  He is articulate and engaging with the audience.  At one point in my life, I may have judged him with the dreads, tattoos, and the hat turned around backwards, but he is an educated young man who knows his mission in life. Never judge a book by it’s cover.  You must seek to know what’s underneath that cover.  

I mentioned that the majority of his audience was ladies, and his lesson was Make The World Respect Your Greatness, right.  At the end of his speech, his assistant made an announcement that I found shocking.  I had just listened to this wonderful speech and this is a summary of what I heard next: Trent is available to take pictures with you; however, those who wish to take pictures with him are expected to keep your hands to yourself.  Can you believe it?  Yes, ladies show some respect for yourself and show respect for him. If you can’t follow that, we will remove you from the building.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  It seems that his messages were being missed by a few ladies in the audience, and he needed to let them know that he wasn’t interested in being touched or touching them.  If this message was directed toward you, you may have your answer on why you’re disrespected by men and why your life is out of control.  I applaud this young man, he’s focused on his mission.  

My turn – ladies get a grip on yourself and get a grip on your life.   If you don’t respect yourself, you can’t possibly Show The World How Great You Are.  This is the message this young man was sending.  I’m sending it to you now, please grab hold of it and allow it to sink in.  Allow it to permeate every corner of your being.  If you don’t, nothing will ever change for you.  You will remain where you are and you will continue to be disrespected by the people in your life.  I urge you to get a copy of his book, Breaking Your Own Heart.   Why?  Because It All Starts With You. Who’s your favorite motivator, and what lesson have you learned from them?   



  1. Great post Rhonda. He is someone I'm not at all familiar with but I love his tone. I also love your comments about books and their covers — we are so judgmental and are often so wrong! I really hope that is one lesson that I have learned! Thanks for sharing this.

    • He is really an inspiring young man, and I will definitely go hear him again.  Yes, we are judgmental whether we want to admit it or not.  Years ago, I probably would have cringed when I saw him.  So glad that I have grown and now have an open mind about people and things outside of my perspective.