I Won’t Leave My Child To Fight In A War

Meet Army Spc. Alexis Hutchinson, 21. Spc. Hutchinson refused deployment to Afghanistan because she didn’t have anyone to care for her child. Here’s her story, she initially thought her mother would be able to care for her 10 month old son during her year deployment; however, her mother changed her mind at the last minute. You see her mother is currently caring for her elderly mother, her sister and a special needs daughter. In addition to caring for 3 family members, she runs a daycare with 14 children during the day. Her mother stated that the baby would need more care than she would be able to provide with her current responsibilities, so she reneged.

Spc. Hutchinson requested additional time to make arrangements for the baby, but instead of receiving additional time she was ordered to place her child in foster care and deploy as scheduled. She was unable to make other arrangements and refused to place her baby in foster care. She was arrested for not deploying as ordered. Although no criminal charges have been filed against her, she has been confined to her base in Savannah, GA. This soldier is a single mom who is no longer connected to her baby’s daddy. She had no where to turn, and she made the choice that any true mother would make. She refused to leave her 10-month old baby in the care of a stranger while she entered a combat zone. I say you go momma.
Now according to an Army spokesman, the Army would not deploy a soldier who had no one to care for their child. According to Spc. Hutchinson, she was denied additional time to find someone to care for her baby. The Army has vowed to get to the bottom of it what exactly took place with this mother and her superiors. In the meantime, her mother has retrieved the infant since her daughter’s arrest and is caring for him in spite of the burden that it has placed on her.
I will leave my personal views on the wars that we are currently engaged in out of this post, but I applaud this young mother for refusing to leave her child to go to war. I hope that serious actions are taken against the superior who ordered this young lady into a combat zone at the expense of her child. You have to be a pretty heartless person to give that command.
Would you have deployed or placed out your hands for the bracelet? I would have been arrested, there’s no way I would have placed my child in foster care especially if I was placing my life on the line. This young mother would have had no peace of mind while she was there. How could she, she would have no idea where her child was or who was caring for him. How could she focus in a war zone not knowing? I would love to hear your opinion on this young mother and what you would have done had you been in her shoes. Please leave us a comment.



  1. This situation is incomprehensible. She is already a HERO for not tossing her baby
    "under the bus" so they say. THat's a pretty tall order to save your country but at the expense of a tiny child. C'mon. Something is NOT right here!!!! IF it was me I would be going to war allright…going to war with all those involved that are making me leave my flesh and blood in dire situation. THERE HAS TO BE SOME EXTENUATING SITUATIONS where she should be given more time. WHAT a SHAME for our country to jail someone who committed. It is not her fault her cards fell where they did. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???!!!!

  2. I saw this on the news yesterday and my heart breaks for her and any other mother or father who has to leave a 2 parentless child behind to be cared for other than a parent. Just awful. NOW she'll go to jail and her child goes to foster care anyway. Prayers for her and the baby

  3. @Katie – I agree, it is heartbreaking.  I watched her attorney on Joy Behar last night.  The military is saying that they have deployed hundred of single parents, but single parents are required to submit a plan so the military will know who's taking care of their children.  They are also saying that she should have showed up with her child rather than not report at all.  I pray for her.

  4. This is just heartbreaking. I understand the commitment you make when enlisting, but being a parent should be the most important commitment you ever make in your life.

  5. that is sad and pitiful.  Parents should not be expected to abandon their children.  She should have been offered General Discharge or been given leave while trying to make alternate arrangements

  6. That is ridulous.  I definitely would have went to jail kicking and screaming!!!  As a mother of four I couldn't even imagine leaving my children period let alone have no one to care for them.

  7. She did the right thing, I would never want my baby placed in foster care. Sometimes kids are abused or worse while in the care of strangers.

  8. She is one brave woman!  I hope and pray things work out for her.

  9. Gosh that is so sad.  I don't understand anything about the service, but that just doesn't seem right.  Put your baby in foster care???  Not me.