I Want My Kidney Back, Tramp

Dr. Richard Batista donated his kidney to his wife, Dawnell, in 2001.

Yes, you read the title right. There’s a nasty divorce going on, and one party wants their kidney back. Lets look at the players in this saga, Dr. Richard Batista and his wife Dawnelle, a nurse. The plot, Richard Batista wants the kidney back that he donated to his soon to be ex-wife. The soon to be ex-wife will most likely die if she doesn’t keep the kidney. If she doesn’t give the kidney back, Dr. Batista wants her to cough up (no pun intended) $1.5 million as a part of the divorce settlement.

In June 2001, Dr. Batista donated a kidney to his wife after two other transplants failed. Dr. Batista claims that he donated his kidney to save his wife’s life and to turn their marriage around. The marriage had been suffering as a result of his wife’s medical problems. The kidney transplant was successful; however, it failed to hold the marriage together as Dr. Batista had hoped. In 2005, Dawnell Batista, filed for divorce.

Dr. Batista states that it was a wonderful experience donating his kidney and he would do it again. He only regrets the marriage. Do I sense a lack of sincerity here? If he was sincere, why is he is asking for the kidney back? His wife obviously needed the organ to sustain her life or she wouldn’t have needed the transplant. A surgeon certainly understands this. He also knows that if his ex-wife gives the kidney back, she either goes on dialysis or dies waiting for another donor and another possible transplant failure. Did I mention, the recipient is the mother of his three daughters ages, 8, 11, and 14.

Why is this bitter divorce happening after such a loving and courageous act? Dawnelle Batista had an affair. That’s right after everything her husband did, she betrayed him. According to Dr. Batista, she became so healthy after the kidney transplant she started taking karate lessons. She became good enough to earn a black belt. She injured herself, and starting taking physical therapy. She also starting sleeping with the physical therapist. Tramp!

Dr. Batiste’s ego won’t allow him to get over the fact that his wife had an affair and moved on. He’s a surgeon, lives in a million dollar home, he’s a devoted father, and was a faithful husband. Dr. Batiste said the pain that his wife put him through was unbearable. Now I don’t condone anyone stepping outside of their marriage and I’m sure the good doctor’s pain is real, but must she pay for her indiscretion with her life? According to Dr. Bastiste, she’s going to pay one way or another. Either she gives the kidney back or she pays him $1.5 million dollars for the kidney. Is he enraged or what?

I’ve tried to imagine the conversation with his three daughters. Sit down girls, daddy wants to talk to you. Your mother had an affair, and now daddy wants his kidney back. Now that tramp, your mother, may die as a result, but let the chips fall where they may.  I only donated the kidney so we could keep the marriage together. Now that it has fallen apart, I want her to pay with her life. Whoa!

Now lets step way out there and discuss what’s he going to do with the kidney if she does give it back. Place it on a mantle like a trophy and gloat that he won. She’ll regret divorcing me when she’s on her death bed. Look kids, see what daddy retrieved from your worthless mother. His reason for taking this sick fight public, he’s tired of trying to negotiate with her and there have been times that she’s kept the children from him. I wonder why?
The good news is that experts believe that Dr. Batista has a very slim chance of getting his kidney back, and he’s just making a fool out of himself. On another note, I believe that Dr. Batista donating a kidney to his wife is an admiral act. I don’t know what went through his mind when he made his decision, but I’m sure he thought that his wife would truly have a part of him forever. I have to wonder if he told his wife his reasons for donating the kidney, to sustain her life and to turn their marriage around. If he did, his reasons obviously didn’t mean much to her.
I’ve seen Dr. Batista on the news, a very educated and handsome man who can surely find someone who can and will appreciate him with his one kidney now. My advice Dr. Batista, let her have the other kidney and move on with your life. She still has your children to raise regardless of her character.  Also, I would suggest that you move on because she is now considered a deadly weapon is capable of kicking your ass.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this bitter divorce and the Dr.’s demand for the return of his kidney .



  1. My god you people are idiots.  He knows he’s not going to get the kidney back.  He wants compensation for it in the settlement.  That is pretty reasonable the way I see it.

    He’s risked his health and sacrificed a part of his body for this woman who promptly turned around and betrayed his trust.

    Nice reward for his sacrifice.

    Infidelity is bad.  But cheating on someone that’s done this kind of thing for you?  Give me a break: it doesn’t get much lower.

    It’s interesting that women seem to want to defend a woman that has behave this way.  To her defenders: get a life and get a clue.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope people realize that it takes tremendously selfish, greedy people to withhold life, money, children…anything as retribution for a wrongdoing.  Believe me, I don’t condone what the wife did to her husband; she will pay a terrible price down the road for her act of indiscretion (whether with the consequence of Hell or with the disillusionment of her children).  However, she does not deserve her ex-husband’s public flogging or demand for something back that was given to save her life.  Not only would he destroy her life if he got his request, but the lives of his children, and the public outcry would never cease.  God will deal with these people, most definitely!  We the people need to pray for this family that they can work the details of their divorce out in a civil manner, citing the need for peaceful reconciliation for the sake of their children, so they can move on with the remainder of their lives here on Earth without ego being involved.

  3. I saw this on the news and cold not believe it.  My first thought was “are you kidding me”?  Next came the thought that if he was my doctor I would not be able to see him any longer.  Ugh.  It saddens me at how people can treat each other.

  4. He’s noting but a scum bag.  There is no possible way that he can get his kidney back. No court would ever allow this to happen.  You can’t take a kidney back nor can you legally sell organs.  He should be put in jail for trying to sell an organ even if it is after the fact.  By demanding payment he is in fact trying to sell it.
    I wonder how he would feel if it were he that got the much needed kidney.
    His children will soon know what a worthless piece of garbage they have for a father.
    I hope all of this is made very public so all of his peers can see what type of person he really is.
    His ex-wife has been though enough.  She knew him for who is truly is and I don’t blame her a bit for having an affair.  Good for her.  She deserves some happiness and peace in her life just for putting up with him for as long as she did.
    I may need a transplant in the near future and most of my family have all volunteered to donate a part of their organs to keep me alive.  I would do the same in a heartbeat.
    Thank you for the interesting article.

  5. The only victims in this whole mess are the children. Your mom has an affair and if the media is to be believed washed his clothes with yours. Your dad is willing to have your mom die because he is hurt over her sleeping with another man. Hmmm sounds to me like the adults need a swift kick. The things people do during a divorce with absolutely no regard to the damage they do to their children really really saddens me.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. Oh I read this yesterday in the newspaper…I can’t believe it.  Well, not that it’s not true, I just can’t believe the nastiness of his actions.  What gives?  I think I would start looking for a hired gun.  {no, just kidding of course, but this is just too weird a fellow]

    I’m trying to play catch up again…computer froze on me yesterday.  So, I’m doing my “Thursday” visiting on Friday.  Go figure.

    Hope you have a super day.

  8. you want to hear the worst part??? they said on my local news (not too far from here), they said she washed the dudes laundry WITH her families laundry!!!! that’s more then ballsy, that’s completly messed up!! when I heard that, I shook my head and I don’t care how much she wanted a divorce, that’s the lowest of the low thing to do…

    just my take on it 🙂

  9. Is this man for real? Asking for 1.5 million isnt any different than someone wanting to sell their kidney which in essence is what it amounts to. Most people who donate an organ do so because they think it is the right thing to do. Now we’ll have people all over demanding money for their organs. This man is a jerk and it doesn’t suprise me why the wife would divorce him!

  10. Wow, talk about a nasty divorce. I think this is pretty ground breaking. I think it is horrible that he wants it back no matter what she did. He obviously isn’t thinking of his three children at this point. It is only about ego because he if cared for his children at all, he wouldn’t be doing this. The children are going to be the ones who suffer here if their mother has to go back on dialysis and wait for another kidney transplant. Either their mother will die waiting for one or their lives will be disrupted because of her treatments. What a piece of work.

    So what would happen to his kidney if she “gave” it back? Would it still work for him?