How To Install Bathroom Sink Faucets

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Give your bathroom a fresh new look with one of our Maykke bathroom sink faucets.  You can install new bathroom sink faucets in an afternoon. Whether you’re upgrading your bathtub faucet or doing a complete remodel, Maykke offers a wide array of bathroom faucets.  Furthermore, you will also find other bathroom fixtures to upgrade your bathroom.

Tools and Materials Needed:

Basin Wrench
Adjustable Wrench
Putty Knife
Silicone Plumber’s Caulk

First, bathroom taps and bathroom faucets come in several shapes, styles, and designs including bronze faucets or brushed nickel faucets. Sinks will have either one, two, or three holes to accommodate your faucet.  The holes will either be widespread or center set. Take note of your sink design before purchasing your new faucet. If your bathtub faucet is brushed nickel, you should either replace the bathtub faucet to match your new bathroom faucets or purchase a brushed nickel faucet for your sink.

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Getting Started

Next, place a rag and bucket below the plumbing of your sink to catch any drainage that may occur.

Remove the Old Faucet

Turn the water supply to your bathroom faucet, usually located under the sink.  Additionally, turn on both your hot and cold water to relieve the water pressure.  Also, wait until the water stops flowing.  Than unscrew the supply lines from the water valve by hand or with a basin wrench. Unscrew the lift rod from the base of the sink, then unscrew and remove the nuts securing the faucet to the sink. Lift the old faucet from the sink.  Remove any silicone caulk used to secure your old sink with a putty knife.  Finally, thoroughly clean the area underneath your old faucet.


bathroom sink faucets


Remove the Drain

Place your bucket underneath the P-trap on your drain and unscrew the slip nut on the P-T rap. Unscrew and remove the drain flange from the tailpipe connected to your sink and set it aside. Push the tailpipe up to remove the old drain and clean the area underneath the old drain.


bathroom sink faucets


Install the New Faucet

Finally, follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions for the new installation of your bathroom sink faucets. Most bathroom sink faucet installations start with installing the faucet gasket to the faucet and placing the faucet through the mounting holes. Use plumber’s chalk to secure the faucet to the sink. Insert the new drain into the sink’s drain hole and secure it to the new drainpipe included with your faucet. Install the new drain rod and reconnect the supply lines to your sink and water supply. Turn on the water supply and turn on the hot and cold water, tighten any leaky or loose connections as you see them.


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