How to Choose Blog Colors

Thinking about a blog make-over? You may want to spend time thinking about the image that you would like your blog to project to readers. Your blog colors, design and navigation tell readers a lot about you and your blog.     

I had a make-over done several months ago, and I love the finished product. I actually took a risk with my colors. Brown, orange and black aren’t popular colors in the blogging world, most bloggers don’t use them. Popular colors are blue, pink or green. The fact that I decided to use these colors also tells you something about me, I’m not afraid to take a risk.  I wanted readers to get a warm, friendly and approachable feeling when they landed on Mother 2 Mother, and I wanted to use colors that were unique in the blogging world.  

My original blog colors were purple and white. To be honest, I never thought about what the colors represented or how my blog would be seen by my readers. Purple is my daughter’s and sister’s favorite color, so I went with it. I had the color combination on my blog for years, but I eventually lost the loving feeling for it. I knew that it was time for a chance. As bloggers, it’s important that we keep our blogs fresh, updated and easy to navigate. 

I didn’t realize the importance of colors on a blog until I did the make-over. Oh, how I have grown since I started this blog. Take a look at the color chart. There’s yellow, blue, black, orange, purple, green, pink, red and brown. Ask yourself if the colors you are considering or have on your blog represent the image that you want to project to readers. It took several attempts to come up with a combination that felt warm and inviting to me. Initially, it had too much black in the design. It felt drab, cold, and uninviting.  It didn’t feel right for a blog that focused on children and parenting, self-sufficiency, and motivating others. So I had to go back to the drawing board. We brought more yellow into the design, and I felt happy. I knew I had hit the right combination.   

If you’re considering a blog make-over in the future, be sure to take your color presentation into consideration. There’s a great possibly that your readers will. What colors did you use on your blog and why? 



  1. I weighed my colors pretty heavily when I designed my blog as well. I wanted to go with a color scheme that would be appealing to men as well as women, because men make up a greater percentage of marathon & ultra runners, which is my goal audience. I'm happy with the final product.

    I love that you took a bit of a risk with your design. I think any time we can do something to stand out in the blog world, it's always a positive thing. #turnituptuesday

  2. What an interesting post! I love your new makeover, and the colors you decided upon! I love how you organized your sidebar 🙂 Looking at your chart, I actually think I picked my colors pretty well 🙂 Visiting from #TurnItUpTuesday.

  3. I love your colors and your blog layout. I went with pink because Amara said I had to!