Homework Tips: 5 Ways To Help Your Child With Their Homework


homework tips

There are plenty of parts of being a parent that are harder than others. One thing that is particularly difficult is to get your child to do their homework.  Most likely, they have had a long day at school.  As a result, the last thing they want to do is more school work.

However, doing homework is incredibly important.  So, how can you encourage and help your child with their homework? Here are 5 homework tips that you can try out for yourself:

Don’t Try to Multi-task

When you are helping your child with their homework focus  on that particular task. There are plenty of parents who will try and help while they are cooking, making tea or  ironing clothes.  However, this may take your focus away from the homework and lead to confusion for both of you.

Google If  You Don’t Know

It can be a little embarrassing if you simply don’t know how to help your child.  So, rather than muddling through and frustrating your child,  utilize the tools that you have at hand.  For example, Google. It isn’t cheating, it is making sure that you get to the right answer.

Know When to Get Them Extra Help

It can be hard to admit, but sometimes it becomes apparent that your child needs more help with their homework that you can’t give. This means that you may need to speak to a tutor or your child’s teacher for additional help. This is a much better idea than trying to pretend that everything is going okay.

Pick the Right Place To Do Homework

There is no point trying to get your child to focus on their homework with the rest of the family around and the TV on. Instead, you need to head to a place where the distractions are at a minimum. Bedrooms with desks, at the dining room table, even out in the garden if the weather is nice. The main thing is that your child give 100% to their homework and not be distracted.

Be Patient

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing the answer to something only to find that your child doesn’t. This is particularly true if the answer is obvious or it is simple to work out. The thing to remember is that you have to stay calm. They are still learning and it can take them some time to come to grips with some aspects of their education. They will appreciate your patience and it will help to keep them calm too.

No-one wants to have to force their children to do their homework. So, if there are ways that you can make things easier, then it makes sense to try these homework tips out for yourself.




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