Happy Mother’s Day: A Feast For Queens

I had the best Mother’s Day ever!  How was yours?  We actually celebrated Saturday instead of today.  My daughter was home, so we decided to celebrate a day earlier since she has a 5 hour drive home today.

The weather was perfect and so was our time together.  We actually had 4 generations present, my mother was there to celebrate as well.  In this photo we have 3 generations, my granddaughter, my daughter and me.  Not my most flattering picture, the photographer didn’t say cheese, but how wonderful is that.  This was the first time that my daughter and I have spent Mother’s Day together in 6 years.  Since we have quite a distance between us and Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, she usually spends it at home with her family.  

My son-in-law decided that he would bring us together this year and all we would be required to do is sip Moscato, chat, play with the children and just relax. He would prepare a feast for the queens that we were.  The other men were suppose to assist him, but he ended up doing it all. My heart is still full.  My favorite food is seafood.  There were 3 different salads, Caesar, Pasta and Seafood.  He prepared to 2 different dishes of Salmon and in addition we had crab cakes and shrimp.  We worked from morning to evening preparing everything and it was delicious.  He set the table, which was beautiful and my 6 year old grandson blessed the food.  We believe in establishing faith early.  

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed every morsel.  The men allowed us to eat first and once we were about to explode, they took their places.  It was first class treatment all the way headed up by the best son in law in the world.  

This is a picture of my sister and mom who where also present.  The dinner was actually a tribute to the women in my daughter’s life who made her who she is today.  It was a wonderful experience, especially since my mom is getting up in years.  

It was also to let me know that she hadn’t forgotten my struggles as a single mother and that she understood that it takes a village to raise a child.  My sister played a major role in my daughter’s upbringing.  She made sure she was taken to school each day and kept her on some week-ends when I needed a break.  My mother stood by me during my struggle to empower, educate and rise above my situation as a single mother.  They made sure that my status as a single mother was simply that, it did not define who I was.  I can said that I had assistance, but my daughter was raised by me not other people.  Because you work outside the home, that doesn’t mean that other people are raising your children.  It’s as simple as setting up a schedule, getting organized and doing what you need to do as a mother.   

My daughter gave me a beautiful poem that basically stated not until she became a mother did she truly understand me and my determination to survive and give her a life better than mine.  In truth, my life wasn’t that bad.  She understands that I want her to do better than me, and the key to success is education and making sound decisions.  There is no room for excuses or blame for what happens in a person’s life after a certain age.  Being an adult means you take responsibility for your life and those in it.  She understands that we must work for everything in life, and when it is achieved it empowers.  I knew this week-end she understood my teachings and examples, and she would continue to stand on the foundation that I laid.  This was one of the best Mother’s Days ever, I am truly blessed.