9 Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

Halloween Food Ideas


Planning a Halloween party or just want to do something special for your kids?  You’ve come to the right place.  We have 9 great Halloween Food Ideas for kids.  Make them all or choose a few.  No matter, your children will love your creativity and devour these special treats.  Let us know which is your favorite in a comment.  I love the Bloody Fingers and Eyeball Cupcakes.  Disgusting!



Witch Fingers

Halloween Food Ideas

Pretzel Rods, candy melts, almonds, and black gel food coloring are the stars for these Witch’s Fingers.  The kids will love munching on these goodies.


Bloody Fingers

Halloween Food Ideas

There’s no recipe for the bloodied fingers.  Just remove a square of skin from the hot dog and place on a bed of bloodied hot dog bun.  My grandson and his friends are going to love these.


Spider Pizza

Halloween Food Ideas

This blogger used a Tombstone Pizza, black and green olives and pepperoni to create this master piece.  My grandchildren love the Totino’s Party Pizza.  So, they will be choice for me.  Also, if your children don’t like olives make the pepperoni’s the star.


Spider Burger

Halloween Food Ideas

I love that this recipe is simple, and so cute.  A normal burger, a slice of cheese, raisins, and onion rings.  Perfect for lunch or dinner.


Halloween Potato Skin Pizzas

Halloween Food Ideas

Kids love pizza.  Here’s a twist on potatoes, turn them into pizza.  Yes, baking potatoes, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and olives is all you need along with a little creativity.  The kids will love them.


Bloodshot Eyeball Cupcakes

Halloween Food Ideas

Disgustingly delicious.  These Bloodshot Eyeball cupcakes are sure to bring Ewwwwk.  But, they are sure to be devoured.


Jack-O-Lantern Mac and Cheese Cups

Halloween Food Ideas

Homemade Mac and Cheese will work great for this recipe.  If you’re in a pinch for time, microwavable mac and cheese can be used.  My grandchildren love homemade mac and cheese.  They would eat it everyday if allowed.  A slice of cucumber or celery will work for the stem.  Make this a family activity, let the kids decorate the cups with a Jack-O-Lantern face.

Honeydew Bats

Halloween Food Ideas

Last, a honeydew melon and a bat cookie cutter is all that is needed to make these delicious and nutritious treats.

Finally, we hope you like a few of our Halloween Food Ideas for Kids and will create a few for your children.  You may also like 9 Fall Snack Ideas for Kids.




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