Hail Hitler – I Don’t Think So!

I was on Twitter early, and one of the ladies that I follow mentioned Hitler in her post. Out of curiosity I clicked on the URL. The video was entitled, Obama Hitler Youth Style Brainwashing. For those who aren’t interested in clicking over, the video showed a group of young men speaking of Obama and pledging to make various commitments. When I first viewed the video, I didn’t understand the connection to Hitler.

As I read further, there where more posts referring to Hitler. I soon realized the ladies were referring to the group of young men, their military style dress and the fact they were performing somewhat in unison. Most importantly, the fact that they were speaking of Obama. I realize there are people in this country who are displeased with the new President Elect; however, to compare him and our youth to Hitler was beyond my comprehension. At this time I don’t know anyone on the face of this earth that is comparable to Hitler, and what he stood for, Black, White, Asian, Latino, Native American, or Bi-racial.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I am a subscriber of this lady’s newsletter and a member of her forum. I have been for years. As a result, I let her know my displeasure with her comment. I stated that to compare Obama and those young man to Hitler was one of the most ridiculous statements that I have read on Twitter.

I also let her know that the movements in the video were used in fraternities across the country as a form of discipline. She responded by saying, it wasn’t used in any colleges that she had attended or in any that she knew of. I gave her a few colleges that used the method of discipline, and explained that it was a version of dance called Stepping. The colleges that use this method of dicipline or dance are Spelman, Morehouse, Howard University, Hampton University and many others. She stated that it wasn’t for her and her children.

As adults don’t we learn that not everything is for everybody. Is this video worthy of a comparison to Hitler? I don’t think so. Personally, I think it’s a sad day when Obama and these young men are compared to Hitler. The thinking is beyond me. I would love to hear your thoughts on this video and the comparison to Hitler.

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  1. I didn’t click over to the video, but I definitely agree with what you’re saying. I can envision the video as you’re describing as I am familiar with fraternities and stepping. It’s unfortunate that so many people are making generalizations and insults like that. To say Obama is akin to Hitler is absolutely ridiculous. I’m glad you expressed your opinion to this lady; I hope she will do more research and educate herself before making statements like that again.

  2. I agree with Annie … IGNORANCE and FEAR. Good for you for speaking up. I find it fascinating that people have sat SILENT as many of our liberties and freedoms have been taken away and compromised, yet are TERRIFIED of Obama. John Mc Cain also promised change, does that make him like Hitler? I think not.

  3. Hello.
    I found your post really interesting. I don’t think that the new president elect is trying to be like Hitler. I think that people are afraid of change, and Obama means change in a big way. Our country needs change and I think that Obama is just the person to bring it to us.
    When I look at this movie I see young men involved in something, they are standing for something. They didn’t say one bad thing. They are talking about ways they can improve themselves. They are also talking about the fact that Obama sees a problem in this country and these are the solutions.

    I am an American. I think that Obama being elected President was a huge step forward for all races.

    As far as the stepping goes. I think that she is just wrong. I mean don’t you know that with movies like ‘Drumline’, and TV shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ stepping as been made mainstream.

    by the way
    love the blog

  4. I have just one word……..


    well maybe two words…


    Sometimes I don’t think people will ever learn to accept others and it saddens me deeply.

    I’m in Canada and find this kind of reaction by Americans shocking.  I’m kind of speechless.


  5. In my local mom’s group a mom posted an article that basically stated Obama is just like Hitler because Hitler promised CHANGE. 

    I found it absolutely ridiculous.  This was being backed by some church.  It disgusts me that people can not accept change.  I’m proud to be one of the many who voted for change.  YES WE DID!

  6. Good for you to stand up for what you believe! What a horrible thing to say. I am German and had people who died in the death camps. HOW DARE SHE compare those young fellows to Hitler youth! It is just ignorance plain and simple.

  7. Thanks so much for responding.  I was so shocked to find the Tweet last night.  This lady is a member of Mompack, which made it even more surprising.  I’ve subscribed to her Newsletter for years.  Sent her Get Well wishes when she was sick. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this was one of the most disgusting posts that I’ve read. 

    My daughter danced for 12 years, so I was familiar with what the young men were doing.  It’s a form of dance, which I guess one could consider it to be an art.  Just a way of youth expressing themselves and enforcing positive thoughts.  Better than using alcohol, drugs, unsafe sex and whatever else is going on in the streets.  To compare it to Hitler’s brainwashing to annhilate thousands is incredible.

  8. Hi! I agree with you…. it’s appalling that people could even try to link Obama and these men to Adolf Hitler! Hitler was a mass murder that killed thousands of innocent people simply because of their nationality! It’s degusting and so sad that some people have to be so ugly about someone who really cares about our country and the people of America. People who hide their prejudices sometimes allow it to come out in other ways by talking negatively about someone who might be different from themselves!

    Thank you,
    Lisa : )