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early childhood education


First, at a young age children absorb everything from their surroundings.  Every behavior model they adopt, new experiences, and every word they learn is an investment in a their future.  For example, the foundation for cognitive functioning is laid during early childhood development.  This includes social, self-regulation, and behavioral capacities as well as physical health.

Next, just as important a child’s health development can be impaired during the formative years too.  To reduce the factors that place children at risk, early childhood intervention programs were developed.  As a result, these programs come in the form of various learning activities that affect the children directly or indirectly. Early childhood education is available to provide support for children, their parents, and the family as a whole.

Here are a few benefits of early childhood education.

#1 – Socialization

Socializing with people other than those in their safe environment is essential.  It helps children gain self-confidence and overcome shyness.

#2 – Teamwork and Concept of Cooperation

We teach our children the importance of equality, listening, and having respect for others by having them participate in team environments.  Children will grow to be more sociable if they learn how to work as part of a team.  Especially, at an early age. Learning how to share, take turns and persevere are important lessons as well.

#3 – Concentration and Patience

The minds of young children are lively and imaginative.  Early childhood educators are there to teach them to participate in group activities, follow direction, and develop their ability to listen. They also need to practice patience and learn to wait for their turn by being involved and through different social experiences, role modeling, and examples.

#4 – Value of Education and Enthusiasm for Learning

Teaching lessons in an exciting and fun way to encourage children to be effective learners.  Preschool is where love for learning, reading, nature, and discovery takes root. Children are able to grasp the value of education and learning by providing actual experiences and setting an example as a role models.

#5 – Exposure to Diversity

Children can be exposed to diversity by placing them in preschools and child care centers. It is crucial to a child’s early development to value diversity and differences.  Children need to understand that everyone is unique in their own way with their beliefs, culture and ethnicity.

#6 – Self-Esteem and Confidence

Young children will learn how to approach problems and situations throughout their lives through positive interactions. These interactions will promote a healthy, positive and secure view of themselves.  As a result, healthy and positive interactions will provide children with self-esteem, optimism, and confidence.  Additionally, having a strong sense of will encourages children to explore their interests, talents, and skills.

Last, early childhood education is important for building a strong foundation for a child’s mental, physical, social and emotional development.  In this regard,  early childhood educators are important as well as their peers.

Finally, having an early childhood education is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  It entails more than playing, it will help children become well-rounded individuals.


Image-Diane-SmithDiana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls simply in love with interior design and DIY projects. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.



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  1. Yes, it’s so important. My granddaughter has been to Headstart and recently started early pre-k. She’s a smart cookie so it’s a must to keep her little brain busy.

    • Rhonda Gales says:

      Hi Petula.  Thanks for stopping by.  It’s so important that we give our children an early start.  My grandchildren both did Preschool.  My grandson is heading into 4th grade and he is excelling.  My granddaughter starts Kindergarten. She’s advanced too. It’s always nice to see you.  I’ll be sure to stop by.