Green To Grow Baby Bottle Give Away

Green to Grow has become a front runner for it’s BPA free baby bottles and nipples. As parents we want nothing but the best for our babies. Green to Grow is making 5 and 10-ounce dishwasher-safe baby bottles with beginner (0-3 months), intermediate (3-6 months), or expert (6+ months) nipples. You ask what is BPA? BPA is the abbreviation for Bisphenol A. Bisphenol A is a chemical thought to be hazardous to humans. In 2008, the media reported on the findings of the government when they questioned its safety. Retailers began removing BPA products from their shelves. Green to Grow, which is owned by a Los Angeles-based husband and wife team, decided to make a commitment to produce BPA Free products for our children. They package their products in 100 percent recycled paper and donate 1 percent of its revenue to environmental causes. They also manage a “Bottle to Babies” program that distributes baby bottles to women’s and homeless shelters. I love companies who donate back to the community, especially to women who are in need for their children. I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to review one of the Green To Grow bottles. I was sent the 10 oz. wide mouth bottle shown. It has an adorable little smiling fruit on the face of the bottle and comes with the nipple and cap. Green To Grow bottles have been featured Pregnancy & Newborn, Baby Couture, Today’s Parent magazines as well as ABC and NBC news.  Green To Grow has a Welcome Home Set too. It includes everything new parents need to start nourishing a baby with confidence. The set includes: two 5 oz BPA-free baby bottles, two 10 oz BPA-free baby bottles (all of which come with Beginner nipples, 0 – 3 months); one package of Intermediate nipples (3 nipples per pack, 3 – 6 months); one package of Expert nipples (3 nipples per pack, 6+ months); and a super soft, organic cotton baby cloth, good for burps, slurps, baths, and splashes! This set will make a great baby shower or new baby gift.

You can win the Green To Grow wide neck bottle shown. Here’s how: Visit Green To Grow and leave us a comment telling us what item you would purchase for your baby or a baby shower gift. Give Away will end August 20, 2009 at mid-night. Give Away is open to US Residents 18+ only.
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  1. I'd love their reusable cloths or a BPA free bottle for my baby boy who is due in a few weeks! Thanks for the chance.

  2. I help the environment by washing my laundry with cold water, recycling & composting!

  3. I'm also a follower.

  4. I'm a subscriber. tylerpants(at)

  5. I really love the cute red re-useful tote, it'd be super for grocery shopping!

  6. I would get the re-useful baby cloths.

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  9. I'm due this winter and would love to get the BPA-free baby bottle
    5 oz wide neck. Thanks!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  10. I would get the reuseful baby cloths!

  11. I follow

  12. I'd get the welcome home set-wide neck

  13. I love the welcome home sets, so sweet! Thanks!

  14. I would purchase the Tote — re-useful tinted totes – nest

  15. tweet!
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  17. I'm using cloth diapers!
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  18. I'd like to try the re-useful baby cloths.
    ruth dot gray at gmail dot com

  19. I would get the re-useful totes – red and the reusable cloths.

    egreca (at) hotmail {dot} com

  20. reusable baby cloths

  21. To help the environment we recycle and use energy efficient light bulbs!

  22. Voted for you!

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  25. I would buy the re-useful baby cloths…would also get the 5 oz. regular neck bottles!

  26. I would buy the 5 oz regular neck bottles.

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    I would buy the
    Re-useful Baby Cloths.

  28. with a new baby this is a great contest and I have been buying all organic clothes to help

  29. We recycle, buy local foods, reuse string bags, and cut down our driving.

  30. I'd love to have the welcome home set.

  31. re-useful tinted totes – dandelion

  32. I like the BPA-free baby bottle
    10 oz wide neck.

  33. I follow your blog

  34. I am due in December with my first (a baby girl Chloe!!). I would really like to give these BPA-free bottles a try.

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  36. I would get the 5 oz regular neck.  What a great company, I had yet to hear of them.  Thanks for posting about them.


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  38. I would definitely get the welcome home set with the wide neck…SO awesome!

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  41. To help the environment I plan to be cloth diapering my new born once he arrives Sept 26 If I can get cloth diapers by than.

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  44. I would get the Green to Grow’s Welcome Home Set in Wide neck.

    This would be great for a new mom.

  45. I use the reusable shopping bags instead of getting the plastic bags while shopping.

    Thank you,


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  50. I would buy the Welcome Home Set – Regular Neck for my niece who is expecting on September 25th.

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  54. The re-useful baby cloth would make a great baby shower gift.

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  58. The reuseable baby cloths are a wonderful idea.

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  59. the welcome home set would be really nice

  60. For the environment, we recycle and compost!

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  64. I'd get the re-useful baby cloths!

  65. I like the re-useful baby cloth

  66. I help the environment by reusing plastic bags for everything

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  69. I'd get this as a gift!  10 oz. wide neck

    BPA-free baby bottle
    10 oz wide neck

  70. As far as helping the environment-we recycle, use cloth diapers, hang our laundry when the weather is favorable, use cloth grocery bags, use energy efficient light bulbs, walk or bike whenever possible, buy locally whenever possible.

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  73. I would buy the 5 oz wide neck or regular neck bottles.

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