Misfit Grannies

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When I saw this video, I was shocked. I was shocked at the Great Grandmother’s behavior and shocked that the officer would taser Granny as a result. OMG! She’s 72 years old. She could have been wearing a pacemaker or had a heart condition, it could have killed her. I’m picturing my mother, and asking myself if she would conduct herself in this manner. Now my mother is known to put on a performance or two in her day, but I can’t imagine her going to this extreme with an officer over a traffic ticket. The question of the day is, should the officer have used the taser on this misfit Granny? When I watch the video, I wonder why he just doesn’t restrain her and place her in handcuffs. It certainly appears that he could have overpowered her without causing injury. It’s clear she wasn’t going down without a fight, but I find it hard to believe she could have really caused him harm. She wasn’t packing a Saturday Night Special or an AK 47. On the other hand, it’s hard to believe that a respectful Granny would challenge an officer of the law on a highway over a traffic ticket. According to records, she was clearly speeding in a construction zone, which is why the officer pulled her over. If she disagreed with the ticket, she could have challenged it in court rather than resisting arrest. The vulgarity coming from this elderly woman’s mouth is amazing too, she has a potty mouth. She clearly shows no respect for the law on this video. What truly amazes me, is the fact that she intended to deny being unruly with the officer. At the time of her interview, she didn’t know the entire incident had been recorded and being watched by the world. She’s been caught in her lie, so she has no comment on her behavior now. I bet her children got a shock when they saw this video, especially since they hired an attorney to represent her for enduring the officer’s abuse. This video also caused me to think about an incident with my mother. She wasn’t tasered thank goodness, but the story is worth sharing. I received a call from one of brothers on a Saturday night years ago. Here is a part of our conversation: My brother – “You are not going to believe what your mother did this evening. (Yes we came through the same birth canal, but she suddenly turned into my mother). “She did the unthinkable at Duane’s baseball game.” (Duane is his son). Me – “Oh God, what did she do.” My first thought was she let the umpire have it for calling a bad game. My brother – “She hit some woman over the head with her purse because she was criticizing Duane.” Me – “What?” My brother – “She hit some woman over the head with her purse because the woman was talking about Duane while he was pitching.”Me – “OMG, is she in jail?”My brother – “No, the cops couldn’t find her.” Me – “What?”Summary – A lady who was sitting in front of my mother criticized my nephew throughout the game. She had no idea my mother was Duane’s grandmother. My mother quietly endured the badgering of her beloved grandson throughout the game, and decided she would seek revenge when it was time to leave the ballpark. She lived up to that thought. She stood up, took her purse and hit the woman over the head, and than walked away. After recovering from the shock of being hit in the back of the head, the lady headed to a police officer who just happened to be patronizing the game to inform him of her encounter with the “Purse Lady” as we’ve dubbed her. After giving a description of my mother, the lady and cop scoured the ballpark in search of my mother. The lady moved a little too slowly, my mother quietly slipped away and made her move into the back of my brother’s van. Now my brother and his wife were completely unaware of this incident. He’s chatting with the other dads and praising my nephew for pitching a great game. His wife is taking hundreds of pictures of her son for the scrapbook. After the smell of sweet victory wears off, they head for home with our mother in toll. They drop my mother off and head home to wait for the greatest pitcher on earth to arrive for dinner. Duane arrives shortly thereafter, and asks about Granny hitting the woman over the head. Here’s Duane’s memory of the incident: My brother – “What are you talking about?”Duane – “Granny hit some woman in the back of the head at the park.” My brother – “What?”Duane – “Granny hit some woman in the back of the head at the park. The cops were looking for her, but she was hiding in your van. I saw Granny when she hit the woman in the bleachers. Granny is slick, she just walked away and got in your van. The woman didn’t know what hit her, she just knew Granny hit her. Granny don’t play.” My brother – “OMG!”Duane – “Granny said something to the woman before she walked away.”The next day, we asked my mother about the incident and what she said to the woman. My mother admitted to hitting her over the head, and she said she told the woman, “You better be careful about whose grandson you’re talking about, bitch”. Leave us a comment on these law breaking Grannies and any unbelievable stories about your mother, grandmother or you. We would love to hear them.



  1. That's funny! I can't top that one, but my mother who was about 80 at the time, went to the Social Security Office to get something straightened out that got messed up.  The employee was hassling her and my Mom looked her in the eye and said, "I'm really getting screwed here." The employee looked aghast and said, "Ma'm, please don't use that kind of language!" Huh????  She's lucky it wasn't ME doing the talking!  She'd have probably passed out!

  2. I have seen this yesterday and I did think she is resisting arrest but he did not need to be that rough with her but she did not need to be that rude to him…

  3. I was watching the news when a crawler went by about the Tasered granny.  Honestly, the first thing that flashed in my head was OMG, what'd my mother do now.  Then I realized it wasn't local news & calmed down.  My mother weighs 85 lbs and stand 4'10" but don't be fooled.  She's got a grip that could make a grown man cry "uncle" and once she gets going, get out of the way or get hurt.

    Your story is a hoot, and our moms may be related.  My mother, who is 80, told me about having a run-in with a woman who had cut through on my mother's driveway instead of going around the block to get to her destination. My mother went out to confront her and was ignored, so my mother marched along behind her through the yard. At some point, the other woman brandished and then hit my mother with her cane (!), which my mother then snatched from her hands.

    Evidently, a small group had gathered to watch the festivities, and finally decided to step in and break it up.  They walked both women to appropriate destinations and asked the trespasser to go around the block next time.

    The man who walked my mom home stopped by later when I was there to make sure everything was all right.  We had a brief conversation, and he told me that the group of men all had their money on my mom, because each of them had been treated to her lecture about walking on her driveway.

    I once came across a quotation that goes something like: "Your mother should be the craziest woman you know." Seems like you and I have that covered!

    Have a great day & thanks for sharing your story about your mom.  Made my day!

  4. I read your story about your mom with tears in my eyes from laughing soo hard!! haha I just have to laugh because my family won't sit next to ME during ANY sporting events!! I'm that loud person in the bleachers yelling because your an idiot for that call. One time at a baseball tournament my husband was coaching and I caught the other team with someone listening to our playing plans. Oh boy was I mad! I headed straight over to the organizers desk and told them what I saw. By that time the other team was so far ahead that they weren't doing it anymore. Yes the other team won the tourney but I got my revenge when the boy who was spying on us walked bast me during the ribbon ceremony. I couldn't help but say, "So when are they going to give you your ribbon for cheating for them? (as he looks at me with a scared look and surprise.) Yep that's right we caught you. And don't worry we can hold our head high because we are honest and don't cheat!" All the parents couldn't believe but were glad I had said something. Sorry this has been so long, but it totally struck a cord with me. Thanks for the chuckle! Camille