Fulcrum Gallery Art Review

Are you a lover of all things Paris or dreaming of taking a trip one day? Me too.  I just did an office make-over using a Paris theme.  I love, love, love it.  I had one wall left in my office that needed a picture and Fulcrum Gallery asked me to do a review on their artwork.  I jumped at the chance and selected the Travel Paris Fulcrum Gallery artwork. Ladies, it is beautiful. The gold frame really makes the brown tones in the picture pop.  The artwork is quality, shipment is fast and the prices are great. I couldn’t believe how low Fulcrum’s framed pictures are for a gallery.  

They have a large selection of artwork to select from in various sizes and prices to fit every budget.  If I had not already had a theme in mind, I would have been spinning trying to make a selection.  

I love that Fulcrum had several colors of frames to choose from or you can get the print on canvass. I debated between the gold frame or canvass. As you can see, I didn’t make a mistake with my choice. Regardless of the type of print you are looking for, this gallery will have it. The site is easy to navigate and they have their artwork listed by room or subject to help make finding your favorite print easy.    

They are running a special, 50% off all prints that ends Monday, December 22.  Use the promo code, 50Prints. This would be a great time to purchase a new print for your home or office, an upcoming birthday, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. How often does a gallery run a special for 50% off their prints, really.  Check the site often or sign up for their mailing list so you don’t miss their promotions.  

Every time I look at this print in my office, I smile. I encourage you to head over and check out Fulcrum too.   




  1. It really is a beautiful piece of art. You will have to share pictures of the rest of your office!

    • Isn't it beautiful.  It fits perfectly in my office.  I'm hoping to make the trip after I retire.  If not, I'll have this beautiful photo to look at.