Divorce Cakes

Going through a divorce or separation? Call the girls or guys and celebrate your new freedom with a slice of Divorce Cake. It’s the thing to do, really it is. No more crying on your pillow or wondering what you’re going to do with your life. Get your party on. Hell call the cater who made your wedding cake and flip the switch. Tell them you have a new reason to celebrate, and you would like a custom cake for the occasion.

Don’t like the cake shown, they’ll make one with you sticking a knife in his or her back or heart or pushing your spouse over the edge. Anyway you want it, they can give it to you. When I first saw the cakes, I was like WTH. After I thought about it, I concluded that maybe it was a good idea. If it’s over, it’s over. I spent months crying, feeling lonely, and wondering what my next move would be. I spent hours on the phone with my girlfriends shedding tears and wondering how I ended up heading for divorce court. When I look back on it, I wish I had used my energy in other ways. A party was the last thing on my mind, but it probably would have been a good idea. Having a party sure sounds better than crying on your pillow.

For those who are in the party/celebration mode here’s another idea for you. Just shoot each other, lol. The baker of the cakes, Kay Millar, owns Pink Rose Cakes. She’s located in the United Kingdom, but Kay stated that the cakes were popular in the United States first. The cakes are intended to lighten the mood associated with divorce. They are a nice way to announce that you’re available again.

There has been complaints that the cakes are too violent or promoting violence. My response to that, don’t buy one. I believe that a bakery should be able to to make them if a customer chooses to order one. I also believe that a person should be able to celebrate or grieve over their divorce too. I think the idea is pretty entertaining and good for a laugh or two. What’s your thoughts? We would love to know what you think about the Divorce Cakes.



  1. These are hilarious! I'm loving this! I guess we can always find something in life to celebrate, either in tears or laughs.

  2. This is soooo awesome!  Love your post!

  3. FAntastic IDEA…but as Creative Junkie said…maybe leave out the guns.
    I have been through this too, and my family was right there. BUT, celebrating would have to be done with friends/adult family, without kids seeing this. Divorce is hard on kids, even if the marriage had horrific issues…

    For ME, divorce WAS sweet as this hilarious cake. I was poor and scared and had so many changes, but I was FREE from an abusive man and had the guts to finally just DO IT!!

  4. Omgosh I LOVE those!! Too funny! They are so detailed too, LOL! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. HAHAHA great post. I love the first one. Who would have thought? Great way to sell cakes! 🙂

  6. While I hope I never need one, I do agree that everyone should be able to celebrate and/or mourn their divorce.  And really, who doesn't love cake?

  7. That's great! Hopefully I won't have to recommend them for any of our married friends, but I still think they're awesome!

  8. These are swesome! With everyone divorcing, it seems fit to have a divorce cake. Great way to celebrate!

  9. I'm loving this!  I'm gonna have to link it!  Wow, and to think, I only got a tatoo, that sounds a bit cheap and trashy compared to the cake.  🙂

    Seriously, this is good.  🙂

  10. You know … I think this is a great idea. Not so sure about the guns and weaponry ones, but I love the idea behind the cakes. When I got my divorce, my brother gave me a great piece of advice. He told me that it was just the end of a chapter, not the end of the book, and that a new chapter would follow, with new characters, etc. He helped me to look forward, not back. And that's cause for celebration.

    Unless you've been through a divorce, you cannot understand the emotional aftermath. If you're going through a divorce and you can find a way to way to make it easier on yourself, to prepare you for your new life? Good for you. Go for it.