Diaper Clutch Give Away

Oh, so cute. We found this adorable diaper clutch and wanted to share this fabulous find with our readers. We understand how difficult it is to stay organized with a baby or toddler. I have a 16 month old grandson, and it’s so much easier to have everything in one place when I change him. His attention span is so short, all it takes is a second before he becomes distracted or wants to take off. It is imperative that I have everything within reach. This diaper clutch does just that.
It is the perfect item to carry when running errands. You can also stick this fabulous clutch inside your diaper bag or purse and have everything readily available for a quick change. The clutch is large enough to hold up to 4 diapers and wipes can be included. Why not tuck a travel size bottle of powder, diaper rash creme or hand sanitizer inside. Everything is at your disposal. I tuck disposal diaper bags inside my clutch when running errands too. I’m able to dispose of the diaper or seal it properly until I get home.
Hip and funky fabrics are available under their New and Classic Styles. I adore the Morning Glory fabric, but The Diaper Clutch will custom design for you. Step out in class ladies, this hip little clutch is chic. We can be mothers and grandmothers without being boring. Most importantly, any item that makes my life easier gets 3 snaps and a booty shake.
Cynthia Poblete, owner of The Diaper Clutch, has been gracious enough to offer our readers a free clutch. You could be a winner. Here’s how:
Head over to the Diaper Clutch and check out this great product. Let us know what style and fabric you would like if you’re a winner. This give away will end February 25, 2009 at mid-night. The give way is open to US and Canada Residents 18+ only. The winner of this give away will be notified via email, so please leave a valid email address. Posts without valid email addresses will be disqualified. The winner will have 3 days to contact us. Failure to contact us within 3 days will result in disqualification.
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Have fun browsing and good luck!



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  15. Wow, they have really cute fabric! I really like the wallflower print tho! Ah my little one will be here in 4 weeks!

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  17. i like the Morning Glory

  18. Probably would get the Coriander style in orange

  19. My fav style is “Morning Glory” since it would work for boys and girl and still look super cute for mom!

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  21. I would get the Paisley Lime

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  23. Wallflower is my pick

  24. The Kantan Kanji one is my favorite.

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    i love the brown disco dot pattern its so adorable thanks for the chance weta1972@yahoo.com

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  37. I like Morning Glory b/c it is the same fabric as my baby sling.

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  42. Yay – I have been wanting a Diaper Clutch to use when I go out with my 6 month old daughter!  These are fantastic and just perfect for our needs!  My favorite is The Classic Style in the Kantan Kanji Fabric.  I love the very pretty and unique fabric and it has a urban chic flair about it that makes me feel classy!  Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter.

  43. Classic Style in Daisy Dreams! Love it! Thanks

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  89. I think this would be great to have and would choose the pink disco dot fabric in the classic style


  90. I like the Lil Cowpokes.

  91. I love the morning glory fabric.

  92. Today I am loving the Pink Groovy Swirls ~ love it.

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  94. I love the Crystal pink classic one, SOOOO cute!

  95. My favorite is the Morning Glory.

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