Creating Family Traditions

Do you  have family traditions? You know things you do regularly with family.  I have several traditions that I have started with my grandchildren. I think traditions are important.   Children look back at their childhood and remember the times family spent together.  It’s an opportunity to bond and establish happy times together.  It gives them something to look forward to. Hopefully they will pass on a few or at least create traditions of their own. 

I remember going to Hershey Park every summer as a child.  We would go on a bus hired by the church.  For years my mother would go.  As we got older she allowed us to go alone, but had one of the chaperons look out for us.  I must say that I had great memories of mom when she went. She packed picnic baskets full of sandwiches, potato salad and all the trimmings.  I remember those ham sandwiches as the best I ever had.  I still think about them.  My father always worked, so he didn’t go with us.  We always brought back these huge Hershey bars for him.  He had a sweet tooth, but never gained an ounce.  Oh how I wish I had those genes.  He would freeze the candy bars and enjoy them through the year.   

Another tradition was going to grandma and granddaddy’s every Sunday for dinner.  There would be fried chicken, homemade biscuits, gravy and all the trimmings.  My mother’s sisters and brothers would be there with their families, we always had a great time.  We played ball, taught each how to flip and cartwheel and discussed boys.  We bring up those Sundays when we get together.  

King’s Dominion and Ocean City were the traditions that I started with my daughter.  My mother had a tradition with her grandchildren too.  Every Friday we would meet there with our children and she would make pizza bread.  The children still talk about grandma’s pizza bread to this day. They bonded on those Friday nights, and for the most part they are still close.    

We’ve made a week at Myrtle Beach a new tradition in the family.  My sister and her family will be joining us this year.  These pictures were taken there last year.  That’s my daughter, her children and her dad who also joins us at the top.  Even though we’re divorced, I include him as much as possible.  I want the grandchildren and my daughter to have memories of all of us being together and no strife.  He loves them as much as I do, we just fall out of love with each other.  So we decided to co-grandparent.  It’s working.    

This is a picture of the kids at the aquarium.  Do you see the snake in the background.  Oh my. We spend time at the beach, eating at our favorite restaurants, or playing games inside.  I’m sure the kids will have wonderful memories. In the fall, we head to the pumpkin patch for hay and pony rides.  At Christmas, we bake cookies.  The children can look forward to these traditions for quite a long time.

Do you have traditions established with your children?  Leave a comment and let us know what they are.  



  1. What a fun post and I completely approve of co-grandparenting, your logic is perfect! The children deserves to have 2 grandparents and divorce shouldn't stop that. We love rituals and traditions around here and we have lots of them! Wouldn't have it any other way. We are busy making memories for all of us!