About Me




Welcome to Mother 2 Mother.  I’m honored that you stopped by.  Let me tell you a little About Me. This little piece of heaven is where I share my life’s journey.  I talk about parenting, gardening, divorce, single parenting, travel, becoming a grandmother, my faith, and my thoughts on life.

Honestly, being a divorcee, single mother, managing a home, a career and staying true to who I am was overwhelming at one point in my life.  However, I never allowed it to conquer me.  You must decide that quitting is not an option.  Attitude is everything, so I took mine from how I am I going to make it, to bring it!  .

Next, during my journey I learned that experience is the best teacher.  You can take all of the classes and obtain all the degrees in the world, but they won’t prepare you for the twists and turns of life.  Also, parenting and living life requires endurance.  It requires tolerance, creativity and camaraderie. You can find all that and more on Mother 2 Mother.

Experience has allowed me to master a few things along my journey.  I succeeded at some things and failed at others. As a result, I’ve chalked them up as life lessons and experiences.  By the way, I’ve acquired quite a few blessings along my journey too. Here’s what I know, once you become clear on what really matters, you can make a transformation.

I have mastered the following:

  • Parenting and raising a child successfully.
  • Accepting and loving me for everything that I am and everything thing that I am not.
  • Command a six figure salary.
  • Purchase a home as a single mother.
  • Growing a savings account, vacation fund and retirement nest egg.
  • Grow my own vegetables from seed.
  • Preserve my garden harvest.
  • Create budget friendly crafts and printables for kids.
  • Empowering, raising your self-esteem, and becoming confident.
  • Traveling with and without the kids.
  • Walking by Faith.
  • Being the best grandmother in the world.

In summary, I make no excuses for what I’ve done or who I am.  As a result, my experiences have made me the woman that I am today. Now that you know a little About Me, lets discuss my mission for Mother 2 Mother:

My mission is to empower mothers, married or single, to parent to the best of their ability.  To establish a camaraderie so we can share tools, resources and advice that will help us grow as parents and as women.  Provide tools to raise our self-esteem and confidence, renew our spirit, understand our purpose, become self-sufficient, and enjoy life.

Additionally, I share parenting tips, write about home gardening, develop educational printables, review products, create crafts, and provide empowerment posts.

Finally, grab a cup of coffee and take a look around.  Most importantly, be sure to subscribe before you leave.   We don’t want you to miss a morsel of the conversation.