Colorful Summer Printables For Kids

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Occupying children in the summer can be challenging. We have the solution, printables.  If you’re headed to the beach or decided to go camping instead, these colorful summer printables will get them excited.  They will occupy them for a few hours.  What parent wouldn’t be grateful for an hour or two of peach and quiet.  They are great for road trips or at home for rainy day activities.

The beach printable is filled with fun items: umbrella, snorkel, star fish and other items that you will find at the beach. It is a great way to help children enhance their writing and spelling skills during the summer months too.  This printable would be great on a road trip to the beach.  See how many items you can find while you’re walking along the board walk or shops.  Mark them off the list when you return to your vacation home.  This is a great way to challenge your memory too.

Our camping printable is a word search puzzle and just as fun and colorful. It’s filled with camping items. The goal is to find the items on the list.  Many children don’t get the opportunity to go camping.  Children who have never been camping will become familiar with camping items.  This printable is a great way to educate them.  It’s also a challenge for this who have been camping.  The puzzle will also help children improve their vocabulary and their  spelling during the summer.

When you need to eliminate boredom, print these beach and camping printables .  Printing them on cardstock makes them a little sturdier.  The kids will be yelling let the fun begin in no time.  Be sure to grab a clipboard, so the kids will have a hard item to work on.  Clipboards are great for road trips and writing while resting in the shade on the beach.   

 Check our Black History Month challenge.  Have your children test their knowledge of African American Inventions.  There’s also an answer key to assist you.  Which printable is your favorite, the beach or camping?



  1. Those printables are cute and would be fun for kids to play.

  2. What fun! You come up with such cute stuff.