Children’s Book Give Away

Giggles & Sugar Kisses was given the opportunity to review several groups of books by Kumon Publishing Company. Kumon focuses on basic learning skills for childen aged 2 through 6. They cover everything from the alphabet, reading, counting, tracing, basic addition and subtraction to scissor skills. Kumon’s workbooks are unique. They use a step by step approach, so children can master one skill before moving to another. Their learning system was developed in Japan by Toru Kumon 50 years ago. Mr. Kumon wanted his son to do better in school, so he developed workbooks to help his son. By the sixth grade, his son could do calculus. His techniques have been proven. Kumon currently has learning centers in 44 contries.
Giggles & Sugar Kisses will be offering several sets of books to our readers to test for us. You could be the winner of our second give away. This set is geared toward a children ages 2 – 5. The set contains a Tracing book and Numbers 1 – 30. Visit Kumon Publishing and check out their site. Leave us a comment on the books that you see most beneficial to your child. We will randomly select a winner from our posts. This give away will end January 5, 2009. It is open to US Residents 18+ only.
Winner will have 3 days to contact us once they are notified. Failure to contact us will result in disqualification. Posts with invalid email addresses will be disqualified.
We will be listing additional sets over the next month, which includes Mazes, Simple Addition, Telling Time, and Rhyming Words. If you are interested in testing any of these books, be sure to check back. Giggles & Sugar Kisses believes education is the key to success. As a result, we require the winners to follow up with their opinions and comments on the set of books that they win. We would like to share your experience with our other readers, they may be interested in purchasing the books. If you’re not willing to follow up, please do not enter the give aways. Thank you and good luck!



  1. My Book of AMAZING CRAFTS looks awesome!


  2. The First Steps workbooks look great, I think my daughter would enjoy them!

  3. My son would love My Book of Coloring: At the Zoo!

  4. My Book of Alphabet Games looks good. Thanks.

  5. I think the My Book of NUMBER GAMES 1-150 and the book of Telling Time for ages 5-7 would benefit us the most.  My son is about to turn 5 and is doing quite well with the beginning concepts of math.


  6. Anything to do with the Alphabet would be beneficial to our little one, she is absorbing everything now!

  7. Lets Sticker & Paste will be wonderful for Ava!!

  8. the alphabet games looks terrific minsthins(at)optonline(dot)net

  9. Let’s cut paper looks great for my girls

  10. The cat and dog paper craft is really neat.

  11. ‘My book of coloring- at the Zoo’ would be great for my daughter.


  12. They have some great books but I really like the Alphabet Games one.  Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. I think the My book of number 1-120 would be benefical for my kindergartener!  She is learning to write the numbers and gets confused on the order so I think this would be fantastic to help her work on them now through the summer!
    Thanks for the entry

  14. All of the “My First” books look great for my preschoolers. Thanks!

  15. This would be great for my niece.

  16. The alphabet games book looks very beneficial…I love educational books/toys! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  17. My son would love the Pre-K basic skills books or the word books.

  18. My kids could definately use the word problem books.  They could use anything from 2nd-6th grade.


  19. I am a subscriber.
    bvbabybv at

  20. I really like the book of number games.
    bvbabybv at

  21. I think the My Book of EASY MAZES would be good for our Lovebug!

  22. my book of number games looks fun

  23. My son isn’t 2 yet so I would get the Let’s Color book since he’s really into crayons and colored pencils!
    teacherkrista at gmail dot com

  24. I think my son would love the first book of mazes and the tracing books would really help him, he is just starting to write!
    linjenals at yahoo dot com

  25. You should check out Storybox. They are great for kids aged 3-6 They are great for Kids aged 3-6 and have a Xmas Tree drawing competition on this month!

  26. The cutting paper book looks like something my son could use and enjoy.

  27. “let’s cut paper” would be great because my 3 yr old is always wanting to use the scissors.  she would love these books:) thanks!

  28. My first book of coloring would be perfect

    dominican757 at gmail dot com

  29. All the preK-K books would be great, but I bet my oldest would really love the mazes!

  30. The telling time and money. My oldest found these concepts a little difficult.

    mj.coward@gmail dot com

  31. WOW!  They have so many amazing books! I love the first mazes..and the cutting..and pasting…and the coloring ones!  Thanks so much for the chance!

  32. The first steps workbooks. So many fine motor skills to work on and most items on the market are for older children.

  33. My six year old has asked for an allowance for doing his chores. I told him before we would discuss that he had to learn to count money.

    # My First Book of Money: Counting Coins
    # My Book of Money: Dollars & Cents

    These would be very helpful to him.

    Thank you,

  34. My First Book of Coloring would be great for my grandson, who is learning to color.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. I really like these books

  36. I love these books….Let’s cut paper would probably be the best for us, because I have a 4 year old addicted to the scissors!

  37. Most beneficial to us would be the first books of Uppercase and Lowercase letters

  38. I´m also a subscriber, incase that´s good for another entry. (Can you tell I´d like to win these books, ha.)

  39. I am alsoa subscriber!

  40. I like the book of alphabet letters!

  41. This is a great giveaway and I will certainly be checking back here!! I´m a homeschooling mom of four and someone in my school group recently introduced her son to these books and told me about them. I would love to try them with my younger kids. They are all great but I would especially love to try the ones for cutting and mazes. Thanks!

  42. my first book of cutting should get my grandaughter’s attention

    creativeendeavorsby (at) gmail (dotg) com

  43. I think the Numbers 1-30 and Uppercase Letters would be best for my son who is about to turn 3.

  44. My niece would really like the My book of Writing Words.  Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. My book of Writing Words would help my daughter!

  46. ‘My First Book of Cutting’ sounds helpful, my niece is getting old enough to want to learn these things.
    ashlomb at yahoo dot com

  47. I also subscribe to the blog now!!

  48. The First book of alphabet letters, they have uppercase and lowercase both!

  49. I love the First Step “Let’s Color” workshop book, my daughter will be 2 in February and she LOVES to color, she colors everything, even the furniture!

  50. The “Number Games-1-70” would be very much appreciated in our home. Please enter my name in your giveaway drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi

  51. I have heard good things about this company before.  I would be most interested in the WORDS category of the workbooks as I work with young children teaching them to read.  They need these basic skills, and these books would be very helpful.

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)
    Butterfly Whispers

  52. I’d like the tracing book for my nephew.

  53. my first book of coloring would be great for my 3 year old

  54. my child would most benefit from My Book of Alphabet Games

  55. I really like the Let’s Cut Paper! That always seems to be a hard one for the kiddos to grasp and teaching them safety with scissors is so important!

    Thanks so much!

  56. Let’s Cut Paper looks like a really nice one. Thank you!

  57. Yahoo!!  Definitely the grade school workbooks!