Bloggy Give Away – Child ID Bracelet

Do you worry about losing your child when you’re shopping or at an amusement park? Most parents do and we giving our Bloggy Giveaway visitors a chance to win this Child ID Kit.

My grandson is walking now, and his safety has crossed my mind more than once during the last month. Most recently last week when my daughter was shopping for a birthday gift for a party they were attending. Instead of putting him in a shopping cart she decided to let him walk with her. Once inside the store, she found it difficult to shop and keep her eye on him. Duh!Sometimes mother has to let her learn things the hard way, but my grandchild’s safety is not where I want to teach her a lesson or allow her to learn on her own. I thought to myself, what if she was alone and he wondered off. I imagined a clerk on the intercom announcing that they had a baby boy who was wearing jeans, white Niki’s and a green polo shirt at the front desk. Let me tell you, that thought didn’t set well with Grandma.

I remembered a child safety kit that had been offered to Giggles & Sugar Kisses as a Give Away, and I decided this was the pefect time to list the kit on my blog. Kay Green, Owner of My Precious Child, offers several Child Safety kits that we thought you should know about. I really like the kit that includes 8 products: ID cards, Medical Release Cards, Shoe Stickers, Car Seat ID Card, Luggage Tag ID Cards, and more. This Child Safety Pack is the winner of the 2006 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award. The only award program to be honored by Disney. Kay’s site states that 90% of missing pets have an ID, but only 2% of missing kids have IDs. What’s wrong with this picture?

Please join Kay and I in ensuring that your child is safe all year. Here’s how: visit My Precious Child and take a look at the Child Safety products. Return to our blog and leave us a comment on the safety kits. In return, My Precious Child will offer a Safety Kit to one of our readers.

Subscribe to our blog, and you may enter this Give Away twice. List this great Give Away on your blog with a link back to us and you may enter three times. Give Away is open to USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand residents 18+ and ends November 1, 2008 at mid-night. Winner will have 3 days to respond to the notification. Safety Kit will be shipped directly from My Precious Child.
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  1. I subscribed to your feed.

  2. The Child Safety Pack looks very useful!

  3. these are a must that every parent needs!

  4. I could really use the child safety kit!!

  5. This is great, we all need these

  6. This is a must for every parent!!

  7. great site with awesome products..child safety our number one concern..its such a scary world out there šŸ™

  8. Anonymous says:

    my niece could use these

  9. Anonymous says:

    my niece raven could use this, she has 3 small children

  10. What a great prize, it could save a child. I would love to win it . I had one done for my oldest but for some reason when you have a second child you forget about things like that. even if i don’t win, thank you for bringing to my attention to update my oldests and get one for my youngest.

  11. What a wonderful gift to be giving away!  Peace of mind and any help at all with getting your child back if they go missing is wonderful!

  12. LaDawn Brown says:

    this is a great prize to win for a child.

  13. I have just subscribed to your email feed.

  14. My Precious Kid looks great.  Their products would bring extra reassurance and peace of mind to any parent.  My daughter is 14 months old so this site has given me plenty to think about!

  15. Everyone should have a child ID made for their kids.

  16. these are great.  would be a good idea to have one on every member of the family.

    trinitygsd at yahoo dot

  17. nice!

  18. This is such a great idea. I always try to keep a close eye or even hand on my two year old, but he is very quick and can run fast! Thanks for the great giveaway!
    P.S. Iā€™m giving away a subscription to Parents Magazine on my blog, so if you or someone you know might be interested, stop on by! šŸ™‚

  19. I am a subscriber.

  20. These give such a sense of comfort to us. We always had a safety kit for our son, but haven’t gotten around to getting one for our daughter. Slackers..  Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Oh my there are so many great things on that site! As a mom of a special needs child, I could find so many helpful things! Thanks for the link and the great giveaway. I will definately be returning to her site in the future!

  22. This is a great idea. I’ve been wanting to do something like this with a DNA and fingerprint kit. I think their vacation kit is a great idea too….

  23. This is a great idea.

  24. These kits look fabulous. I’ve always intended to put one together on my own for each of my children, but have never done it. i do have their fingerprints, though.

  25. Great prize, would use this for my almost 2yr old. Susanmgoodson[at]cox[dot]net

  26. i love that they do the fingerprinting.


  27. Wow! I have been thinking about having something for my daughter, she is 3 1/2 and VERY friendly. She is also allergic to ALL NUTS! So my favorite is the purple ID bracelet with medical alert. I will certainly be taking a closer look when my kids are naked! šŸ™‚

  28. What a great giveaway! Throw my name in the hat!


  29. OMGosh how do I get? I want it!! Pick me please! lol I would love the chance to have this!!

  30. i love the dna fingerprints. Awesome Giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win

  31. In this day and age, we can’t be too careful about our children’s safety.  The safety kit isn’t a substitute for a parent’s vigilance, but it’s a complement – not even the most watchful parent has their eye on their child 100% of the time, and what peace of mind to know that this information would be handy.  I’m expecting my second in April, and if I were to win this giveaway, I’d buy a second safety kit for my second child.

  32. I really like the youth bracelet. My 10 year old would wear that and be safe without being embarassed

  33. Great products.  I love the TODDLER BACK PACK HARNESS – HIPPO.  So cute and yet so helpful in keeping your child safe.


  34. It’s something you hope you never need to have implemented, but child safety kits are a must! So many parents don’t want to think about bad things happening and therefor don’t do anything to safeguard their kids just in case.

  35. I like the child locator that they have too. My daughter has Down syndrome and she is also a wanderer!

  36. I really need this for my active toddler!

  37. the site has such great products, things i didn’t think about to have but realize i should.  thanks for the giveaway!

  38. These kids are a great idea for toddlers, they seem to move faster than you would think is possible.

  39. great idea.
    Thanks for the giveaway.  Heather
    poncey76 at hotmail dot com.

    i love this idea alot

  41. The child locater is a great idea.  My dd was lost at a restraunt for 10 minutes and it was the worst 10 minutes of my life.  You don’t think it will happen.  I was so sure I could see the top of her head, until the head came around the corner and I realized it was my dd (blond crazy curly hair).

  42. I like the luggage ID tag kit

  43. I love the peanut allergy tattoos!
    great idea, as i have a son with peanut allergies.

  44. The products are great and would be good for every parent to have. My daughter each year at school gets a card to bring home. It has her picture on it and all her information in case she became missing. I think every school should be doing that now. My son on the other hand is not in school yet and this would be great for him. He is 3 and at the stage where it’s fun to run from mommy.

  45. The stranger danger dvd looks great.

  46. great idea! šŸ™‚

    Thanks for a generous giveaway. I hope I’m the lucky winner.

  47. This is a must have for all parents.  Better safe than sorry.

  48. Every parent should have one of these.  Better safe than sorry.

  49. I need this for my daughter!  A safety kit is a must have!

  50. A must have for my granddaughter.

  51. These are a necessity.  I’m planning on getting my little one fingerprinted soon.  Thanks for the contest.

  52. I have 2 little ones,this would be great!

  53. I’m a subscriber
    judybrittle at aol dot com

  54. All 3 of my daughters have yound children and I would love this for them. My grandchildren need to be protected at all times. Thank you so much!
    judybrittle at aol dot com

  55. I’m subscribed to your blog.

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)

  56. I first of this site by winning a giveaway for the signs that you put on your car for kids to put their hands on so they don’t take off into the parking lot.  It’s a fabulous site!

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)

  57. carol drury says:
    if I dont win I am going to purchase for all my grandkids!!!

  58. This is great, we all need these nowadays.  Thanks!!

  59. In today’s society, these kits are a necessity for any parent and caregiver.  Thank you for the contest!


  60. I added this giveaway on my blog aswell.
    Thank you again for this great giveaway!

  61. I subscribed šŸ™‚

  62. I've got 4 kids, my most worry is my 3 youngest.  My oldest is 11 now.
    This is great for any parent.
    They offer such wonderful things at Safety Products & Baby Gear.
    Always such a worry this day & age.
    I would love to win one for my little ones & hopefully soon buy more for my other kids.
    I really love the site & bookmarked it.
    So wonderful you're giving away one of these!!

  63. Great Idea šŸ™‚

    ktgonyea at

  64. Everyone should have these

  65. My Precious Kid rocks! Great site, biz & owner. Thank you for offering your visitors such a great opportunity!

  66. great idea

  67. this is so important, please mothers do this!


  69. Every parent needs this.

  70. this would be great for my grandkids…thanks for the great giveaway

  71. This is a life-saving prize, thank you.

  72. My son has food allergies.  I would like something like this for him.

  73. awesome idea

  74. WOW!! I is a must for any parent!!

  75. What a great idea for all parents!!  Thanks for the all the info.

  76. This is something all families should have

  77. I love the site!  I have been working with one of the police officer’s on base and we are having a child safety fair in November for the military and community in our area.  We will be making ID cards and fingerprinting the children.  We did this about 2 years ago and it went very well so our goal is to make it an annual event.  We will have a car seat checkpoint, gun safety, k-9 demonstrations, and a lot of other stuff.  Thank you for sharing this wensite!

  78. newsletter, too

  79. i’m a subscriber

  80. in todays society, a must–protect these children!

  81. I think all parents should have these and would like to get one for my granddaughter!

  82. These are so wonderful!! We are taking our grandchildren (ages 4 and 2) to disneyland for xmas…the id kits would be wonderful to have.
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  83. I have three kids so I do have a need for something like this!

  84. Great idea to give these away

  85. What a fabulous give-away, and so needed!  I would love to get this for my son.  We’re very overprotective of our little guy.  He’s so precious to us and we need all the help we can get — there’s a lot of unknowns out there.


  86. I could really use the child safety kit!!

  87. the finger printing is special

  88. These products are wonderful, I am sure there are many jealous mothers that would have loved to have had these when their children were younger.

  89. I wish I had gotten one at my baby shower. These kits really give a parent peace of mind!

  90. Every parent should have this

  91. This is a must for every parent

  92. i like that they contain dna fingerprint kits

  93. Im subscribed

  94. This bracelet could be a lifesaver. I also think that the CHILD LOCATOR – $30 Child Personal Safety Alarm is a great idea.

  95. I am a subscriber!


  96. I blogged about this giveaway:Here


  97. This is a must for every parent, it only takes a short amount of time but you never know if something will happen!


  98. This is a must for every parent!!

  99. Great gift for folks with small kids.

  100. ok me the first maybe- I think this are important- some police do them but parents do not remember to update..everyone in my family has a safty kit at home- even myself and my husband- God forbid something happen but we are prepared and I still have the older kids who are grown and gone – the information is updated. This world is unpredictable and the nicest person- the nicest neighbor can be a pyscho killer- I grew up where John Wayne Gacy lived- really really close, and life was never the same after that. I think these are important for a little bit of sanity.

    Yes I am afraid of losing a child- every parent is.
    My kids know stranger danger, and all of that but life happens, so we teach them the best we can..try not to suffocate yet watch over them.

  101. this is so important

  102. Anonymous says:

    I subscribed to your blog! Thanks for the extra entry for it! (Still working on visiting the site…the link isn’t working properly for me but I’ll surely be back as I LOVE the idea!

    hhihic (at) msn (dot) com

  103. This is a good idea! šŸ™‚

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  104. They are a must have for any new parent.

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