Cheaters Never Win

How would you feel if you husband fathered a child outside of your marriage/relationship with one of his close friends and business partner?  Oh, lets forget close friend with anyone for that matter.  Would the fact that the close friend and business partner was at the hospital sharing in your joy with you and your husband plunge the knife in a littler deeper?  Would the fact that the close friend and business partner rode home in the limo with you and your husband after the delivery drive the knife in deeper.  Would the fact that the close friend and business partner attended the ballets and school graduations send you over th edge. 

A similar story has taken place in Connecticut.  Eric Fischer said he saw the red flags when his youngest daughter was born, but for 15 years he loved her and raised her like she was his own.  As time went he, he couldn’t ignore the fact that she looked nothing like his oldest daughter.  Finally, he decided on a DNA test.  As he already knew deep in his heart she was not his, but in fact the close friend and business partner of his wife’s. 

When I first read the story, I thought how sad is that.  Another case of baby’s daddy.   How do you betray another person in that manner?  How do you explain to the child that I’m not your father, mommy’s friend is.   These are not people who were in a relationship, but a married couple.  How do you sleep beside someone for 15 years, knowing what you’ve done?  People like this scare me.  This is a person who has no conscious.  People who have no conscious are capable of anything.  Of course the couple divorced.  How could a marriage survive after that kind of betrayal.

Let me tell you Eric Fischer didn’t take it lightly.  Oh no he didn’t.  He decided to sue baby’s daddy for every dime that he spent on the child for the 15 years that he raised her as his own.   The court decided that $195,000 would suffice for the reimbursement.  Eric Fischer was initially turned down by a lower court for the judgement.  The court stated that he “had held himself out to be the younger daughter’s father, that he had caused her to rely on him to meet her financial and emotional needs, and that revealing her true parentage after she had been led to believe for her whole life that [Fisher] was her father, would be detrimental to her emotional well-being.”  I wonder about our legal system at times.  What true man would want to believe that a child his wife just gave birth to wasn’t his.  He didn’t give up the fight and took it to the Supreme Court.  They overturned the lower court’s decision and is now allowing Mr. Fischer to return to the lower court with a new judge to fight for the $195,000. 

Will money compensate for the betrayal of his wife and her lover?  We know the answer to that is no; however, it may set a precedent to others who believe that it’s okay to play with a person’s heart and head.  Will this betrayal have a negative effect on the little girl?  I’m sure it will.  I’m hoping that the court will give his ex-wife this award: 

Let her explain the betrayal and the true meaning of marriage to her daughter.  I know there are many couples who have children they are raising that don’t biologically belong to one or the other.  These decisions are made freely and lovingly.  I think Mr. Fischer has a right to know the truth, and he also had the right to decide that he would not raise a child that was not his.  I hope that he can find peace and the daughter can recover from the infidelity as well.  Leave me a comment, I would love to know your thoughts on this story. 



  1. The cheating wive's behavior is atrocious. And unfortunately, the daughter is another innocent victim in this debacle.

    It's a shame how he's treating the little girl right now. It really has nothing to do with her and I don't see how a man can turn his back on a child after 15 years.

    But I do hope he gets his $195,000. Perhaps if he does, the girl will get some benefit from it, not sure.

    Cheating hurts so many people. I agree with you that if he had suspicions, he should have taken action sooner to lessen the damage.

    It's a sad story.

  2. I just feel horrible for his daughter. Obviously he feels betrayed, but all he's communicating to her right now is that she was literally just an expense.

    He saw red flags? The bio dad has been there all along? Why did it take fifteen years for him to do this, then? Does he feel so little for the girl who sees him as her father?

  3. The betrayal was many years before, and he is hurting the girl he loved as his daughter now. I can't help but wonder if he just was tired of the marriage and finally decided to admit to the truth (and years before he loved her enough to knowingly lie to himself).

    He should have quietly divorced the wife, and kept loving his daughter. A real man never hurts his child (and a child doesn't have to be yours biologically to love it), and instead, he wanted revenge and spite and to get back for the betrayal, at his daughter's expense.

    If this were me, I'd leave my husband, and still love the innocent child.