Lollipop Layette

Looking for a trendy and unique baby gift. Take a look at our Lollipop Layette. Our adorable 3 piece set will please the trendy mom and baby. The set includes matching onesie, bib and burp cloth. Our Lollipop white cotton onesie is stitched with a satin applique lollipop. The matching bib designed with our lollipop fabric reverses to a minky Dot fabric and fastens with a velcro closure. The matching burp cloth also reverses to a minky dot fabric. This set will make a delicious treat! For additional details, visit Giggles & Sugar Kisses at

Bye Bye Plane

“Bye Bye Plane” repeatly uttered by a 19 month old frustrated a stewardess enough to eject mom and baby from a Contential Express plane. According to Kate Penland from sububaran Atlanta, the stewardess requested that she medicate her 19 month old with Benadryl to keep him quiet. Before making the request Penland stated that the stewardess leaned over the passenger seated next to her and said, ‘It’s not funny anymore. You need to shut your baby up”. Penland said she asked the stewardess if she was kidding and the stewardess stated, “You know, it’s called baby Benadryl.”

Penland refused. Fellow passengers defended Penland and her baby stating they were bothering anyone; however, the stewardess announced that they would be turning around and the two would be removed from the plane. Penland said she learned later that the stewardess had told the pilot that she (Penland) had threatened her. Based on that statement the pilot decided to turn the plane around and remove Penland from the flight. Penland said she became distraught when she was told that she and her baby would be removed from the flight. There had been an 11 hour delay before she boarded the plan, and she had exhausted her supply of pampers, milk and juice.

Passengers have stated that their was no threat made. Penland told the stewardess, “Well, I’m not going to drug my child so you have a pleasant flight”. An investigation is pending according to Express Jet.

What is this country coming to? Studies have shown that our children are over medicated as it is. Why should a stewardess have the power to dictate that a child be medicated? Would you have medicated your child? I certainly would not have medicated mine. I would have made attempts to distract him with a toy or snack, but give him Benadryl to shut him up. What if they child had previous reactions to Benadryl? This stewardess had no knowledge of the baby’s medical history; therefore, she had no right to make this request. What steps will you be taking to avoid being ejected from the plane for your child’s utterances? Better think ahead! Let us know your thoughts and plans.

The Cat In The Hat

The Cat In The Hat turns 50! The Cat In The Hat first appeared in 1957, and is a fictional cat created by Dr. Seuss. To help celebrate the 50th anniversary, readers can send the Cat In The Hat an e-mail birthday card. For every card the cat gets, Random House will donate a new book to First Book, a nonprofit organization that promotes reading in low-income communities. Since it was founded in 1992, First Book has distributed more than 40 million books to young readers in 1,300 communities around the country. To send a card, go to Cards must be received by May 1.

Baby Gift Sets

Our Australian made, upscale poplar fleece baby gift sets are adorable. Each is handmade and hand embroidered. The material is of excellent quality and finished with a designer ribbon.
Our designs include a train, sailboat, elephant, lion, pansies and roses. Beautiful designs for the new prince and princess. Present mom and her new baby with this handmade exquisite set, and you will be the envy at your next gift giving event.
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No Spanking Allowed?

Spanking A Misdemeanor? It could be in the state of California. A California legislator proposed a state bill that would make spanking a child under the age of 4 a misdemeanor, parents and experts have been debating what’s the best form of discipline.

Personally, I can count the number of times that I had to spank my daughter. I tapped her fingers occasionally for touching items that were off limits, but talking to her was my usual method of getting through or taking away privileges. The times that I did tap her fingers, she remembered not to do it again. So spanking does have its benefits as long as it’s done with a huge mixture of love. I also believe there is a line that must be drawn when we’re disciplining our children, and the world is filled with many parents who cross it. As a result, there must be laws in place for this kind of abuse. The use of physical punishment to discipline children is already illegal in Austria, Finland, Germany and Sweden.

A researcher from the University of New Orleans believes spanking and hitting can lead to later emotional and behavioral problems. He believes children who are only smacked occasionally are more likely to show signs of depression or lower self-esteem. My daughter turned out to be a healthy, productive, well educated young lady so I beg to differ with this researcher. I believe that children who aren’t disciplined will show greater signs of emotional and behaviorial problems as well as a sense of Entitlement. Have you noticed that children these days don’t have manners, respect for elders, possessions, money or many other things as a result of a lack of discipline. We must discipline our children, and I believe education on how we should go about it is the key. We would love to hear your views on this subject, and the methods you use to discipline your children.

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Chenille Baby Blankets

It’s trendy and it’s hot. Our chenille leopard print baby blanket is a great baby shower gift. The reverse side is a pink minky dot chenille. We offer a chenille matching bib and burp cloth to match each of our upscale chenille blankets. View our selection at Rhonda’s Fabric Gifts,

Baby Loves Disco

It’s hip, it’s hot! Babies are rocking to beat of the 70’s and 80’s in the trendiest night clubs across the country. Baby Loves Disco is a dance party featuring real music played by real DJs. Night clubs are opening their doors for this afternoon disco party. In addition to the 70s and 80s music, there are activities like bubble machines, egg-shakers, a chill-out room (with tents, books and puzzles), and diaper changing stations. Healthy snacks are offered for those who have shaked their Huggies, Pampers and Luvs covered booty, and for those who have worked up an appeitite watching the booty shakers. It’s a great social activitity for baby and parents.

This disco craze was started by Heather Murphy, a professional dancer who was looking for something different to do with her toddler. The concept was an immediate success. It gave the parents an opportunity to mingle, dance, and have fun with their toddlers.

Baby Loves Disco is taking place coast to coast. Check out the 2007 Baby Loves Disco calendar for the next hot spot.

Mother Removed From Plane for Breastfeeding

A mother, her husband, and baby were removed from a Delta airlines flight because a flight attendant believed she wasn’t covered enough while breast-feeding. The mother states she was seated by the window in the next-to-last row, her husband was seated between her and the aisle and no part of her breast was showing. The flight attendant offered her a blanket; however, she declined and told the flight attendant that she had a legal right to breast-feed her baby. The flight attendant wanted the head of her 23-month old covered.

Let the sega begin! The flight attendant requested that the family be removed from the plane. Rather than cause a scene, the family obliged. They’ve decided to fight back. They filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission in Vermont against Delta Air Lines and Freedom Airlines.

With all the controversy over breast-feeding in public should the mother have taken the blanket as the flight attendant requested? Did she irritate the flight attendant with her “I have a legal right to breast-feed my baby” comment? Should we educate flight attendants on that fact that some mothers choose to breast-feed, and it’s not a crime? Did the flight attendant go too far by having the family removed from the flight? If the flight attendant discovered the mother was breast-feeding other passengers would have done the same. With this in mind, did the flight attendant have a right to ask the mother to cover herself and her baby with the blanket? Let us know your thoughts!

Taylor’s Baby Newest Line Of Custom Wipe Cases!

The days of carrying plastic diaper wipe holders are gone! For the Ultra Posh Mom who wants to add a little pizazz to diaper duty, Taylor’s Baby offers a line of custom made to order wipe cases and nursery wipe boxes! Designer fabrics accented with satin ribbons, tulling, rhinestone clips and trims take diapering to a chic level. They make a most unique shower gift! To view the entire line, please visit at our Diapering Accessories Department.

Just In Time For Christmas

Our Baby’s First Christmas diaper cake is the perfect gift for mom and new baby. We’ve added 40 -50 Huggies or Pampers, a blanket, towel or burp cloth, a sleep and play, First Christmas nurser, pacifier, and rattle, booties, bib and 5 – 10 additional baby items. What a wonderful baby shower or holiday gift.

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