Are You Interested In Working From Home?

Our featured Mom is Danielle. Danielle is a mother of two children, and feels blessed to be able to work from home and spend time with them. Are you interested in working from home too? Danielle can help you succeed.

If you need:
To earn extra income or get out of debt?
To replace your current income?
To have more control of your life?
More time for your family?
To save for college or add to your retirement?
To work part-time or make your OWN hours?
Do you need to get rid of daycare costs?

Visit Danielle’s site, Danielle can provide the training to help you successfully work from home achieving YOUR personal and financial goals. Danielle also has a blog,, which features great Work At Home and Stay At Home Mom Sites.

My Baby Should Be In Pictures!

Are you interested in getting your child into commercials or modeling? Our featured mom Sibylla Nash can give you insight on how to accomplish that. Sibylla Nash’s daughter, Kortney, started modeling at four months old. She has appeared in a variety of magazines and commercials including Rice Krispies and Tostitos.

Sibylla has written hundreds of articles that have appeared in a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites including Vibe, Essence, The Chicago Tribune and She has written about subjects ranging from entertainment to parenting issues to topical matters. As an entertainment writer, she has interviewed celebrities such as Academy Award winning actors Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Academy Award nominee Will Smith; comedians/actors Dave Chappelle, Jamie Foxx and Kim Coles; and actress Constance Marie.

For information on how to get your little angel through Hollywood’s doors, visit Sibylla’s site at: Sibylla also has a blog. Be sure to visit her at

Featured Ebay Seller

Today’s featured Mom is Suzanne Wells. Suzanne resides outside of Atlanta, GA, she’s a Power Seller on eBay and has been selling since 2003. Suzanne has sold over 13,000 items to buyers all over the world. Suzanne said her new mission on ebay is to Help Other Entrepreneurs Find Success on eBay and Enjoy the Freedom of Working From Home. My book, “The Stay-at-Home Mom’s Guide to Successful eBay Selling,” is in paperback and available on,, and
Suzanne has a BA in Business Administration from Queens College in Charlotte, NC. She graduated Summa Cum Laude. Her background is in banking and credit marketing. She spent 10 years working for national companies including Wachovia Bank and Equifax. She is now a stay-at-home mom of 2 children.
Suzanne’s site lists tips on selling, resources, and information on how to contact her. Her blog, eBay Selling Coach, can be found at: Suzanne lists yard sales, the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama, and clearance sales as great resources to find inventory.
If you’re interested in pursuing a career as an eBay Power Seller, this is site is worth visiting. I personally found the information helpful and interesting reading. Suzanne has e-books on How To Sell Used Clothing, How To Ship Internationally, etc. Be sure to visit Suzanne at

Chicks & Cubs

Our featured entrepreneur is Cynthia Powell. Cynthia is a Christian, a wife, a mom to 3 boys and the owner of an at home business called Chicks & Cubs. Cynthia started Chicks & Cubs in 1999 because she wanted to be a Stay At Home Mom, but still have a work interest. Cynthia and her husband chose the name Chicks & Cubs because they love animals and they thought that chicks sounds girly and cubs sounds boyish. Isn’t the name adorable. Cynthia specializes in baby shoe bronzing and Patty Cakes. Are you wondering what Patty Cakes are? So was I. Well Patty-Cakes® are 3-dimensional molds made from an impression of the baby’s hand and foot. The impression is bronzed and mounted for a hanging or table display. What a creative way to preserve memories. They also bronze pacifiers. I love this idea. I had my daughter’s christening shoes bronzed 29 years ago, and they’re still proudly displayed. The display also makes a great conversation piece.

Cynthia has another great product on her site, a Child’s Identification Bracelet. If you’re worried that you may get separated from your child when you’re shopping, at the park or a community festival, check out this bracelet. This bracelet has the information they need to get back to their parents safely. The information includes home and cell phone numbers for mommy, daddy, grandma, and granddaddy. These great bracelets come in either pink or blue.

Be sure to check out the Loot 4 Mama Give Away. The grand prize is a $130.00 gift certificate for Baby Shoe Bronzing. The contest is located at: Leave us a comment on the Chicks and Cubs site, and enter the contest. Cynthia’s blog, Growing Up Fast at has great information too.

Messy Baby Contest

Time is running out, don’t miss out.  Giggles & Sugar Kisses will be hosting a free Messy Baby Contest. My grandson, Xavier, has inspired our contest. He tasted peaches for the first time Easter Sunday and loved them. He’s anxiously waiting for Gran to open another jar! Isn’t he adorable.
Send a photo of your messy baby to Include your child’s first name and age. Your name, phone number, and mailing address. US Citizens Only. Deadline is May 31, 2008. The winner will be announced June 1, 2008. and will receive a Spa Cake.

Have A Cookie

A girl scout in Michigan has set a new record, she sold 17,328 boxes of their delicious cookies on a street corner. Her troop plans to travel to Europe with the proceeds. Troop 813 in Dearborn, Michigan raised approximately $21,000 for a 10 day trip.

This young lady worked every day to sell her share of the cookies. Her mother said, she shut down early one day because she wasn’t feeling well. This is dedication. Although I did not purchase from Troop 813, I did purchase my share of girl scout cookies this year. I love the Peanut Butter Patties and I look forward to their arrival every year year!

The Thin Mints are the third best selling cookies in the country. It’s amazing these delicious treats are still a hot item. Keep up the good work Girl Scouts of America. You will always have a buyer for your Peanut Butter Patties. Yum Yum!

Your Place Is In The Toilet

A New York man is suing JetBlue Airways for more than $2 million. The New York man alleges that the pilot on the flight forced him to give up his seat to a flight attendant. The passenger was on a flight from New York to San Diego and flying on a buddy pass. A buddy pass is given to a friend by an employee who works for JetBlue. The passenger alleges the pilot told him “to go hang out” in the toilet. Can you image sitting on a toilet on a cross-country flight? Just using the lavatory on a flight can be a challenge. According to the law suit, the flight was full. The flight attendant complained the jump seat was uncomfortable, so the passenger was forced to give up his seat. I fly regularly, and I’ve never witnessed a flight attendant sitting anywhere except in a jump seat regardless of whether the flight was full or not.

After expressing his displeasure of having to sit in the lavatory, the pilot told him that he was in command of the flight and he was lucky to be on the plane. The passenger was not allowed to sit in the jump seat, only Jetblue employees are allowed to sit there. The flight encountered turbulence and passengers were told to return to their seats; however, this passenger had no seat to return to. I guess the pilot and his crew came to their senses, the passenger was finally allowed to return to his original seat.

If these allegations are true, I personally believe that pilot should not be allowed to fly another commerical flight again. Not only did he humiliate this passenger, he put him at risk. Nobody has that kind of authority or right, pilot or not.

I have flown Jetblue to the west coast on numerous occasions, and personally liked the airline. I was impressed with their service and the nice, roomy leather seats for the price. I’ve been on line checking their prices for a flight to Las Vegas in the coming weeks. I’m leary now! If I get up enough nerve and book a flight at a reasonable price, I’ll post my assessment of their service. Pray that I don’t end up in the toilet please!

Check Out Our Jamie Rae Hats

Check out our Jamie Rae Hats. Is this not adorable and perfect for your little angel to flaunt this summer. We offer this chic and stylish hat in a variety of colors, which include candy stripped, pale pink, red polka dot (shown), and pink with lime green polka dots. For more information, please visit us at

Moomette’s Magnificents Give Away

For the next several weeks we will be featuring women in business. Our first entrepreneur mom is Cindi Matthews. Cindi owns Moomette’s Magnificents.  She is a native of New England, and lives in Connecticut.

We asked Cindi how did she started her business. Cindi stated , “She became interested in Vintage Collectibles through her grandmother”.  She inherited many of her grandmother’s items. We found a diverse selection of gifts on Cindi’s site, which ranged from baby gifts to Vintage Collectibles. This lady truly offers gifts for everyone.

We also found Cindi’s business name, Moomette’s Magnificents, unique. Moomette’s Magnificent was named after Cindi’s granddaughter. Her granddaughter’s nickname is Lil Moomette. Cindi said, “It’s a great way for me to celebrate my first grandchild”. We think it’s a very catchy name.

Cindi is not only an entrepreneur, she’s a blogger too. Readers can visit, Moomettesgram’s Musings, at and Moomette’s Mama Mentor Blog, Feel free to leave Cindi a comment!

On a personal side, this energetic entrepreneur has 2 grown daughters, a granddaughter, and she’s a baby-boomer wife. She enjoys traveling, cooking, reading and crafting. You will find Cindi on Ebay, she’s an
eBay Store Power Seller.

Moomette’s Magnificents will be sponsoring our June blog contest. The prize is a hand-crafted sterling silver ring. Please follow this link for a glimpse at Moomette’s Magnificent give away. Browse Cindi’s other Chic and Shabby gifts while you’re there, “Simply Magnificent Shopping the Olde Towne New England Way!”

Be A Mia Bella Candle Winner

Do you love scented candles? Here’s an opportunity to win 12 assorted Mia Bella votives candles. The contest is free. Just click on the above link, and follow the directions listed. Good Luck!