It’s a Big World, Little Pig Book Review

Dream Big!  That’s the message that Kristi Yamaguchi sends in her new book It’s A Big World, Little Pig.  Isn’t she adorable.  Her name is Poppy.  Poppy is an ice skater, and has been invited to skate at the World Games ice skating championship in Paris.  Poppy is nervous about heading to Paris.  She lives in New York, and becomes anxious about heading to France.  It’s so far away.  She is encouraged by her friend, Emma, who tells her to “Dream Big, Pig!” Poppy’s grandparents said, “You go girl!” and her parents give her comfort by letting her know that they would be with her every step of the way.

Emma gives Poppy a good luck charm, and Poppy heads to Paris.  Once she arrives at the World Athlete Village, she is nervous and bumps into a snowboarder from China named Li.  Li and Poppy become friends and walk the village together to find the athlete check-in. Poppy becomes hungry and decides to head to the dining hall.  The dining hall is full and she scans the room for a seat.  A skier from Italy waved to Poppy and offers her a seat at her table.  They too become friends. 

Poppy leaves the dining hall and heads to the practice rink.  There she meets another skater from Japan.  They admire each other’s costumes and become friends.  Poppy skated from her heart during the competition and remembered all the friends and discoveries that she had made during the trip.  Her parents were there to support her and decided they would stay for the remainder of the week so they could visit the Eiffel Tower, museums and eat French food.  It turned out to be a beautiful trip, one that Poppy would always remember. 

Personally, I think the book is adorable and highly recommend it.  My daughter and I were big fans of Kristi’s and followed her during the Olympics and on Season 6 of Dancing With The Stars.  The lesson in her book is clear.  It teaches children to work through their fears and follow their dreams.  It also teaches them to experience new things and meet new people.  The world is a big place and should be experienced.  It also teaches children about being kind and helping another person. 

The illustrations in the book are colorful and fun and the book has a hardback cover that will help withstand little hands.  I’m sure it will become a favorite bedtime story for many children.  I’m looking forward to reading it to my granddaughter.  The only thing missing in Kristi Yamaguchi’s book is her autograph.  Now if I could just figure out how to get this book signed, lol.  

Kristi adorable book is due out March 6, 2012.  The book will sell for $16.99 in the US.  All proceeds will benefit childhood literacy programs supported by Kriti’s Always Dream Foundation.

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Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter

Finally a picture of Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter and oh what a beautiful baby she is.  Who would expect anything less from the famous mother and now most famous baby in the world.  Beyonce looks like a proud mother, and she looks fabulous just weeks after giving birth to this little bundle of joy.   I love the fact that mom and dad decided to trademark the name Blue Ivy Carter.  So if you had plans to try to duplicate little Blue Ivy, forget about it.  How savvy is that, lol.   

Here’s a picture of Blue Ivy‘s crib.  Daddy, Jay-Z, shelled out $22,00 for the coach at Posh Tots.   That’s a bundle of money for me, but when you’re worth several hundred million it’s a drop in the bucket.  Personally, if I had millions I would purchase this adorable crib for my little princess.  Actually, Jay-Z is quite frugal compared to Mariah Carey.  Check out the coach she purchased for her little princess.  That baby starts at $47,000, lol. 

Oprah sent a trunk full of her favorite children’s books and friend Gwyneth Paltrow has gifted Blue Ivy with a top of the line special edition Bugaboo Cameleon stroller.  The Bugaboo Cameleon is the stroller of choice for the stars.  Friend Kelly Rowland give her BFF a Swarovski-crystal studded Baby Diamond Bathtub worth $5,200.  I love royalty in America, lol.  I wish Beyonce and little Blue Ivy the best, and hope she enjoys being a mother as much as I do. 

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Before Social Media

Social Media has changed the way we do business, communicate and meet new friends.  It seems to have taken over a big portion of my life.  I was thinking about my life before Social Media became a part of it and here’s how I lived it before I became a Social Butterfly:

  • Visited family 
  • Went to stores to shop 
  • Cooked frequently  
  • Cleaned the house 
  • Made to do list
  • Watched TV occasionally 
  • Talked on the house phone 
  • More physically active
  • Met friends/family at Social Functions and for lunch or dinner
  • Visited the library

As a result of Social Media I now:

  • Talk to family on Facebook
  • Send text messages
  • Shop on-line
  • Rarely cook
  • Hired a maid
  • Watch television while I’m on the computer
  • Rarely spend time with friends
  • Less active and spreading like the flu
  • Meet new friends on-line
  • Share my thoughts on Twitter
  • Own a Kindle Fire to read books & magazines
  • Blog

 I have started to spend less time on the computer.  I’m now gardening, scrapbooking, and walking 1.5 – 2 miles each morning.  Leave us a comment, we would love to know how Social Media has changed your life.

Teen Pregnancy

teen pregancy

Would you put your teen daughter on birth control?  Are we naïve to think that our teen daughters won’t engage in sex?  Statistics state that 3 in 10 teen girls in the US will get pregnant at least once before age 20?  That’s about 745,000 teen pregnancies each year.  The average cost of raising a baby through the age of 18 is approximately $269,520.  Statistics show that the US has the highest birth rate followed by the United Kingdom. 

Sexually active teens prefer the condom.  They also engage in sex using the withdrawal method and the pill is their third choice of birth control.  In March 2011, a study showed that teenage sex had decreased.  There was no explanation as to why, but it was assumed that they were concerned with sexually transmitted diseases.  Wouldn’t it be nice to think our children will remain abstinent until they get married.  I live in the real world, and I know that chances of that happening are slim to none.  As a result, can we have a dialogue about birth control please. 

Students at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania can get the “morning-after” pill by sliding $25 into a vending machine.  They can purchase a condom from the same machine or a pregnancy test.  Some experts have concerns that making Plan B so readily available isn’t a good idea.  They are equating it to the abortion  pill.  Experts feel that teens should at least have to go to a pharmacy to obtain Plan B, so they can discuss the risk factors.  Now I’m not saying that discussing risk factors isn’t a good idea, but I would venture to say that it won’t be a priority for a teen who didn’t use protection.  As far as being educated on the risks, they will probably see Google as a better alternative than having to drive to a pharmacy to discuss Plan B over the counter.  Lets say they did drive to the pharmacy,  rregardless of what the pharmacist says, they will more than likely take the pill.    

When I read the article, I wondered what the difference was from a teen purchasing the morning after pill out of a vending machine versus them being able to go to a clinic and getting birth control for free.  I don’t want to make this a pro-abortion or pro-choice post.  I try hard to leave my political beliefs out of my posts.  However, twenty-one states allow minors to obtain birth control without parental consent.  Somebody must be coming into the clinics to get them or it wouldn’t be an issue.   

Personally, I preferred to take my daughter to obtain contraception rather than her going on her own, and I did.  Yes, I sure did.  Some may see me as condoning her having sex, but I saw it as a preventive measure.  In my mind, I thought it would be best if she had if and when she decided to become active.  Why, because I didn’t want her to become a teen mom and I wasn’t naive enough to think that she wouldn’t become active once she was out of my control.  As a single mother, I didn’t want to raise another child.  Most importantly, I didn’t want her to be a statistic.  I was a teen mother.  I became pregnant with my daughter at seventeen and gave birth at eighteen.  Although I had a supportive mom and dad, raising her was not easy.   I didn’t pawn her off on my parents, I took responsibility for her. 

I was thankful that I had a good job with potential to move up in the federal government and I did.  I had excellent benefits, and was lucky enough to be able to provide a good life for her.  I never lived off the taxpayer’s dollar, received food stamps or WIC.  She didn’t receive free meals at school and the taxpayer didn’t pay for her medical expense.  I married a year later, and my husband provided well for us.  Most teens are not in a position to be able to provide and they usually don’t marry and have their husbands provide for them.   The taxpayer usually ends up with the expense.  I am so grateful that I wasn’t a welfare statistic nor did I have to go through the trauma of giving my child up for adoption.   

I believe that we can preach to the choir, but will they truly hear the sermon.  We can try our best to be examples, but when hormones are jumping and our teens are influenced should we supply them with protection.  My daughter married after she completed her college degree, and she didn’t have children until after she was married.  I often wonder if that is because of me helping to protect her as a teen.     

For my readers who are currently raising a teenage daughter or will have a teenage daughter in the future, would you take your daughter to get birth control?  Do you think birth control should be dispensed from a vending machine? Do you have experience as a teen mother or as a single mom?  I would love to hear your views on this subject. 


Super Bowl Commericals

 I love Superbowl.  Not because I’m a big football fan I don’t watch it to be honest, but I do watch the Superbowl commericals.  Why, because I love the commericals and I want to see why a company has spent a millions dollars on a commerical.  Here’s my list of best and worst commericals in no particular order:


  •  Doritos:  Man’s Best Friend
  • Audi:  Vampire Party 
  • Chevy:  Happy Grads 
  • Fiat:  Seduction  (still laughing about this one)
  • Honda:  Matthew’s Days Off 
  • Pepsi:  The Lava Lizard  (Elton John and Flavor Flav)
  •  Neck


  • Chevy:  2012 
  • Bud Light:  Dog Rescue
  • Acura:  Jerry Steinfield
  • Hulu:  Hulaboratory
  • Go Daddy: The Cloud

If I had to choose one from the Best List, it would be the Fiat commerical, and from the Worst List it would be Go Daddy.  I’m so sick of Go Daddy using half naked women to sell their brand.  That type of advertising is just not appealing to me.  What where your favorite and less favorite commericals?  Leave a comment, we would love to hear from you. 

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First Birthday Tutus

 Look what we’ve found!  Another fabulous find.  It’s the most adorable birthday tutus that I’ve seen in a rainbow of colors.  This adorable creation is being crafted by Amber at Beana Baby Boutique.  Beana Baby Boutique was inspired by Amber’s curly top blonde daughter who she nicknamed ” Bean “. 

Amber stated that she wanted a few fun things for her daughter, and had a difficult time
finding them locally.  She started making the dresses, tutus etc for her and then began
getting referrals.  The rest is history.  Amber is a proud member of the Mompack and specializes in birthday outfits. 

 I can tell you that I will be purchasing a set for Zarriah’s birthday.  She will be having her first birthday pictures taken in the set.  The biggest decision will be which one. 
  I thought it was going to be the set at the top.  I’ve fallen in love with the set at the bottom too. 

Will you be purchasing a set for your daughter?  You know you want to.  Your little darling will be the life of the party, so head over to Beana Baby Boutique and scope out her birthday outfit today.  Prices start at $39.99.  Beana Baby Boutique uses only the highest quality fabrics and materials.  Their mission is to offer you peace of mind of knowing that your product is the best quality for you and your baby.  All products are made in the USA.   

Cheaters Never Win

How would you feel if you husband fathered a child outside of your marriage/relationship with one of his close friends and business partner?  Oh, lets forget close friend with anyone for that matter.  Would the fact that the close friend and business partner was at the hospital sharing in your joy with you and your husband plunge the knife in a littler deeper?  Would the fact that the close friend and business partner rode home in the limo with you and your husband after the delivery drive the knife in deeper.  Would the fact that the close friend and business partner attended the ballets and school graduations send you over th edge. 

A similar story has taken place in Connecticut.  Eric Fischer said he saw the red flags when his youngest daughter was born, but for 15 years he loved her and raised her like she was his own.  As time went he, he couldn’t ignore the fact that she looked nothing like his oldest daughter.  Finally, he decided on a DNA test.  As he already knew deep in his heart she was not his, but in fact the close friend and business partner of his wife’s. 

When I first read the story, I thought how sad is that.  Another case of baby’s daddy.   How do you betray another person in that manner?  How do you explain to the child that I’m not your father, mommy’s friend is.   These are not people who were in a relationship, but a married couple.  How do you sleep beside someone for 15 years, knowing what you’ve done?  People like this scare me.  This is a person who has no conscious.  People who have no conscious are capable of anything.  Of course the couple divorced.  How could a marriage survive after that kind of betrayal.

Let me tell you Eric Fischer didn’t take it lightly.  Oh no he didn’t.  He decided to sue baby’s daddy for every dime that he spent on the child for the 15 years that he raised her as his own.   The court decided that $195,000 would suffice for the reimbursement.  Eric Fischer was initially turned down by a lower court for the judgement.  The court stated that he “had held himself out to be the younger daughter’s father, that he had caused her to rely on him to meet her financial and emotional needs, and that revealing her true parentage after she had been led to believe for her whole life that [Fisher] was her father, would be detrimental to her emotional well-being.”  I wonder about our legal system at times.  What true man would want to believe that a child his wife just gave birth to wasn’t his.  He didn’t give up the fight and took it to the Supreme Court.  They overturned the lower court’s decision and is now allowing Mr. Fischer to return to the lower court with a new judge to fight for the $195,000. 

Will money compensate for the betrayal of his wife and her lover?  We know the answer to that is no; however, it may set a precedent to others who believe that it’s okay to play with a person’s heart and head.  Will this betrayal have a negative effect on the little girl?  I’m sure it will.  I’m hoping that the court will give his ex-wife this award: 

Let her explain the betrayal and the true meaning of marriage to her daughter.  I know there are many couples who have children they are raising that don’t biologically belong to one or the other.  These decisions are made freely and lovingly.  I think Mr. Fischer has a right to know the truth, and he also had the right to decide that he would not raise a child that was not his.  I hope that he can find peace and the daughter can recover from the infidelity as well.  Leave me a comment, I would love to know your thoughts on this story. 

Chicken Wing Cupcakes

chicken wing cupcakes

Cupcake meet chicken wing.  American loves cupcakes and chicken wings.  A bakery, Coccadott’s Bakery, outside of Albany decided to merge the two.  When I first thought about the two, I almost got sick.  When I found out that the cupcake is actually cornbread topped with blue cheese and a wing I was more receptive.    

The owner said she was thinking about the Superbowl and thought what goes better with the Superbowl than chicken wings.  She said that she tried several combinations and was ready to throw in the towel, but decided to try the cornbread and blue cheese combination before completely giving up.  It was the winning combination. 

I checked out Coccadott’s Bakery, and their cupcake selection is impressive.  They offer everything from Sex N City to  Opposites Attract.  Why not a Chicken Wing Cupcake?  I love watching the Food Network, and I expect to see Coccadott’s Bakery on Cupcake Wars in the near future. 

If I lived near Coccadott’s Bakery, I would place an order.  Would you?

Fearless Five Super Hero Review

Fearless Five books

I received the Fearless Five Super Hero books.  They were beautifully packaged and wrapped with a pretty orange ribbon.  There are five books in the series, I ordered the complete set.  I’ll start with the first book entitled Genesis of the Fearless Five.  The book is beautifully illustrated.  The characters are adorable and the colors in the book bright.  This book is about the creation of the Fearless Five.  It teaches children to use their imagination, which is exactly what they do.  They work together to come up with the names Phenom, Tank, Element, Blaze and Bender.  Thus we have the creation of the Fearless Five.  During the creation of the Fearless Five the children make remarks about each other’s looks and abilities.  The lesson in this book is self-esteem and having a positive image of yourself and what you can do in spite of what others think about you.  Another lesson is to get outside and away from the computer games and explore mother nature.  I agree, our children are losing the value of being outside and exploring nature, exercising and being able to entertain themselves.  

The second book is The Missing Baby Birds.  Again, this book encourages the children to go outside and create their own fun instead of playing video games.  They discover a bird’s nest, but the baby birds are missing.  They go on a mission to find the baby birds and return them to their mommies.  They discover that the baby birds are lured out of the nest and “birdnapped” by the wicked Cyren.  When the Fearless Five first encounter Cyren, they are frightened of her.  They overcome their fears and set the baby birds free so they can return to their mommies.  The lesson in this book is to be aware of Strangers and to run to a safe adult if the stranger tries to lure them or makes them feel uncomfortable.

The third book is The Really Hot Day.  The lesson in this book is to conserve water.  The Fearless Five are unable to enjoy a dip in the pool because Mr. Dome wants to cause a drought, and corner the market on the water in the city.  The Fearless Five capture Mr. Dome and the villains flee.  The water is returned to normal and the Fearless Five enjoy popsicles and a dip in the pool for their reward. 

The fourth book is The Total Blackout.  The lesson in this book is to conserve energy.  Dr. Dome sends one of his villians to consumer all the wasted energy in the city.  The more wasted energy the villains consumes, the stronger Dr. Dome gets.  The Fearless Five will have none of it.  They cause the villains to blow a circuit and power is restored. 

The fifth book in the series is The Big Mess.  The lesson in this book is about bullying.   Phenom is captured by Dr. Dome who is mean to her.  He ties her up and bullies her.  To the rescue the Fearless Five go

Each book has a lesson plan in the back, which will help with teaching the lesson to your child.  Again, the book is beautifully illustrated and the colors bright.  The series is appropriate for ages Pre-K and up.   

All and all, I’m pleased with the purchase.  I see myself reading this series of books over and over to my grandson.  Head over to the Fearless Five website and make a purchase today. 

Are We Giving Up On Marriage Too Soon?

Are we giving up on marriage too soon?  It seems to be quite a few break-ups in Hollywood recently, or maybe I’m just noticing.  Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, Seal and Heidi Klum, Kenny G and his wife Lyndie.  It seems so easy to just walk away these days.  Now I’m not judging anybody, I’m divorced.  I left an unhealthy relationship, and I believe these types of marriages should end.  They’re not good for anyone involved including the children.  I’m grateful that I had the courage to leave, and I’m even more grateful that I had the courage to survive it and better my lifeSo, I’m not standing in judgment of anybody.  I’m just wondering why people walk away from a marriage if it is basically healthy, it just requires a few adjustments.   Couples are suppose to grow together, but it seems more and more are growing apart. 

I’m wondering if it’s because people are not willing to compromise in their marriages, if there’s another person involved or they’ve just fallen out of love.  It seems that people believe that it is easier to replace their partners, and they do.  Do people still include the words for better or worst, for richer or poorer and in sickness and in health in their vows or is it until I get sick of you and than I’m history? It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a wedding.

Is it unfair to mislead your partner, and have them believe that you love them when you really don’t?  I would be devastated.  I would rather part than sleep with someone whose heart is with another or simply not with me. 

I’m sure there is stress and strain in celebrity marriages.  Us regular folks have stress and strain why can’t they feel the same.  I’m sure when one partner is traveling and the other is left to run the house and management the children that produces a tremendous amount of stress.  Oh that’s right, they have tons of money, nannies, chefs and domestic help don’t they On the other hand, those things don’t have anything to do with loving another person do they.  What happened to perseverance and persistence?  What happened to going the extra mile for your family?  It seems that it has all fallen by the wayside.  Has women’s liberation made it easier for us to walk away from marriage?  I was driving back from a visit with my daughter, who has a healthy and loving marriage in spite of my divorce, and I was listening to a CD of old songs.  Natalie Cole’s I’m Catching Hell came on.  She spoke of the difficulty of living alone after her man left.  She said it was the little things that she missed, him fixing things around the house, carrying the groceries, and paying the bills.  You know the things we take for granted.  Not once in that song did she say she missed anything about who he was as a person or how he treated her.  

Has the fact that women make as much if  not more than their husbands had a negative effect on marriage?  I look back at women my mother’s age, and there were very few divorces.  They stayed and worked through their problems.  Most women who stayed in their marriages didn’t work outside the home. They relied on their husbands to pay the bills and take care of the finances in the home.  Does a woman making more money than her husband cause him to have a bruised ego?  So many questions and so few answers.  Women today make their own money and celebrate divorce with a Divorce Cake. It’s not big deal.  

How do we get back to the true meaning of a marriage?  What do we as women need to do to stay in our marriages and ride out the storms?  What is it that men need to do?  I would love to hear from women who have left their marriages and those who have stayed.  You may hold the key to a successful marriage or may have some advice for those of us who are struggling in our marriages and love life.  Leave us a comment.