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Guest Post – Amazing Tips To Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

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Setting up a bedroom for children can be complicated.  Aside from filling it with toys, you have to consider many factors in designing their personal place for play and sleep.

Toddlers spend a huge part of their lives in bed. The National Sleep Foundation recommends toddlers sleep for 11-14 hours. Older children less. Quality sleep is important to their mental and emotional development. One way to make sure they get adequate slumber is by designing a room that suits their need for sleep and play.

Likewise, their room should not only be a place where they get sufficient sleep, but also a venue for playing, learning and developing intimacy with their parents and siblings. Here are a few things to consider: 

     1.  Ensure safety of your child

Your toddler is just starting to develop their motor skills, so they are prone to injuries. Also, there are toys and other things inside their room that are dangerous. Some can be health hazards. Aside from being toxic, these things might also choke them. Make sure your toddler’s room protects them from harm, and not the other way around.

  1. Be cozy

The bedroom should be designed to make sleep come easy. The furniture and accessories should be placed in a way that they can sleep comfortably. Likewise, the walls and furniture should be painted with calming colors. Another thing to consider is to buy the most comfortable mattress for them. A Gel Memory Foam Mattress is recommended for comfort. 

  1. Spark creativity

Bedtime stories fuel your kid’s creativity. Make their room a part of their dreamland. Their bedroom should be a venue to fuel their personal fantasy. If they like astronomy and space explorations, stuff their room with glow in the dark stars and spaceships.

  1. Encourage learning

Besides enhancing their creative flair, your child’s room should help boost their intellect. Books and art can stimulate their desire to read and learn. Art can stimulate their desire to draw, color and paint. 

  1. Include play area

Another thing to consider is providing a play area inside your child’s room. Play is very important in a child’s development both mentally and physically. Playing allows children to build better behavior, become team players, grow as active adults, boost learning, and increase their happiness.

You may be wondering how you should design your child’s room to incorporate these suggestions.  Here are a few tips:

Empower your child’s talents and interests By age 2 to 3, your toddler is showing signs of their talents and interests. You can help them nourish their gifts. One way to do this is by designing their room to cultivate their interests. 

Make your kid’s bedroom a venue to inspire them to learn –  Aside from developing the talents of your child, you can also influence them to become an achiever and succeed in life through their room. Design their room so that it will improve their self-responsibility and self-esteem.  One way to do this is to provide storage boxes to place their toys after playing. Through this method, teaching them how to tidy up and to organize their things will help them become responsible and help with self-esteem. 

Be creative in setting up your kid’s room – Listen and watch your toddler so you can learn what they like.

Keep their bed free from clutter – By now you should teach your child the value of sleep by making sure that their beds are free of clutter. If possible, set aside an area to play, watch TV or eat away from their bed.

Toddlers and kids learn best by experiencing their environment. Provide them a room designed to enhance their growth and development.


Note: Ethan Wright is a health enthusiast who believes every great day begins with a good night sleep. He is currently a researcher and writer for Bedding Stock. When not wearing his writing hat, you will see him traveling to places with his journal.



Little Tikes Grill and Accessories Give Away


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Summer is around the corner and families everywhere will be firing up grills.  BBQing is an American pastime.  There’s nothing like  good food, family, friends and fun.  Little ones like to cook too.  We’re going to help them by giving away this Little Tikes grill and accessories. 

Your toddler will have years of fun with the gas grill and accessories. The Little Tikes Grow ‘n Grill has two stages to grow with your child from toddler to preschooler.  Just like a real gas grill with dual grill, lid, sink and side burners. The grill has a starter button and clicking knobs.  It comes with:

  • 1 pair of tongs
  • 1 spatula
  • 1 hamburger and bun
  • 1 hot dog and bun
  • 1 bottle of ketchup

The accessories come with 20 pieces.  The BBQ set comes with two burgers, two hot dogs, corn on the cob, ketchup, mustard and more. The set is appropriate for ages 3+.

Make this grill set and accessories yours by entering below:


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Here’s the rules: Please subscribe to my blog or follow me on social media. For additional entries, tweet the give away or leave a blog comment. The winner will be selected by Raffle Copter and notified via email.  Please make sure your email address is correct.  If not, you will be disqualified and another winner selected. The prize will be shipped directly to the winner, so once you are notified you will be required to forward your shipping address to Mother 2 Mother. 

The give away is open to US Resident 18+ only.  Please allow sufficient time for processing and shipping of both items.  Mother 2 Mother wishes all of participants good luck.  We hope you’re little one enjoys the grill and accessories, and thanks to everyone who participates. 


Guest Post – Italian Chicken and Zucchini Skillet Recipe




Today I bring you a delicious and healthy skillet recipe that never fails to impress. A little about myself, my name is Madina and I’m writing in partnership with Ready Set Eat. On the weekends, I like to prepare meals that I can quickly heat up during the week. One of my favorite dishes to make is Italian Chicken and Zucchini Skillet, a casserole style dish combining unique flavors of garlic, bell peppers, and tomatoes with zucchini, chicken, and pasta. Topped with extra sprinkles of Parmesan cheese it makes the ultimate comfort meal.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup uncooked orzo pasta
  • Organic Canola oil cooking spray
  • 1 pound of cubed boneless chicken breasts
  • 2 medium sized fresh bell peppers cut into strips
  • 1 medium diced fresh onion cut into small pieces
  • 2 medium zucchinis sliced into discs
  • 1 can of Hunt’s® Diced Tomatoes with Basil, Garlic and Oregano, drained
  • 1 can of Hunt’s® Tomato Sauce with Basil, Garlic and Oregano
  • Grated Parmesan cheese



Source: Bravissimos


  1. Cook pasta al dente, until it is slightly firm
  2. Spray or coat large skillet with oil
  3. Cook chicken in skillet until it is well cooked
  4. Stir in peppers, onions and zucchinis, tomatoes and sauce
  5. Bring mixture to a boil reducing heat after a few minutes
  6. Mix ingredients regularly until vegetables are soft
  7. Place veggies and chicken over a plate of orzo pasta
  8. Add generous sprinkles of parmesan and allow to melt!
  9. You can recreate this recipe and substitute the orzo pasta with slices of potatoes. Bake the skillet in the oven for around 20 minutes on low heat. You can also replace the vegetables in this recipe with any favorites of your choice.

I hope you enjoy making this easy and healthy Italian Chicken and Zucchini Skillet it saves me a lot of prep and time during the week.

Spaze Apparel Hoodi Review



I was asked by Spaze Apparel to review a product from their site.  I browsed the site and readily agreed when I came across their selection of hoodies.  It was just what the doctor had ordered.  I’m amazed at times the way things happen. You see I had been searching for months for my navy blue hoodi to no avail, so I knew immediately the hoodi was the winner for my review. 

I selected the Gildan G186FL Heavy Blend Ladies Hoodi in navy.  It was difficult making a decision because they have so many colors to choose from.  White, black, purple, red you name it.  They offer the hoodi in sizes S – 3XL.  I like the larger sizes because I can wear a heavy shirt under it in cooler weather and still have plenty of room for comfort and movement.

I waited for the package to arrive, and I must say I was not disappointed when I took the hoodi out the box. I loved the fit and it was so soft.  My response was yes, this is perfect.  I don’t know about you, but when I get comfortable with a piece of clothing it’s hard to find a replacement. It was my go to when I headed out early morning for a walk, grocery store run or errands at Walmart, Target etc. My attitude about my misplaced hoodi changed. Now it’s if I find it fine; if I don’t it’s not a big deal. I have a new attitude!  Thank you Spaze Apparel. 

The one negative about the hoodi for me is the pockets aren’t deep enough to hold my phone when I’m out for a walk. My keys fit nicely though.  I want to mention that the hoodi looks great with my capris and walking shoes.  For the price, the quality is excellent. I highly recommend this item.  It’s perfect for moms on the go. Head over to Spaze Apparel and check them out. They have something for everyone in the family. 

I received a copy of the hoodi  for review; however, all opinions are my own. 


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10 Items To Keep In a Fire Proof Box


If a fire strikes your home or apartment will you be able to save or recover your personal information?  A fire proof box could save you time, money, and stress. Trying to recover credit card numbers and other personal information can daunting with everything else that you will have to deal with.  You can purchase a reputable fire proof box from Walmart, Target or Amazon to name a few places for a reasonable price. Make the investment, and ensure that your documents are safe.

Once you purchase your fire proof box, don’t guest about what documents should be placed in it.  We have a list, which is not all inclusive, but a good start:

  1. Passport – If you have a passport, you will want to place it in your fire proof box when you’re not traveling.
  2. Original Birth Certificates – Original birth certificates should be placed in your fire proof box.  If you or your children were born locally, a copy can obtained from your local court house for a nominal amount.  If you were born out of state, obtain copies and place them with the original in the fire proof box.
  3. Deeds  and Wills – Place the deed for your home and any papers pertaining to your timeshare, rental properties etc, in the box. Include your Will and/or Living Will.
  4. Power of Attorney – If you have or have granted POA to a friend or family member, place the documents in the box. This includes Medical Power of Attorney.
  5. Vehicle Titles – Clear titles to vehicles should be placed in the box.
  6. Household Inventory List and Photos – Take inventory of your household, jewelry, furs, antiques, collectibles etc. Take clear pictures of each item on your list.
  7. Photo CDs – Place photos on a CD that you would want to reprint if destroyed. I also have photos on my laptop copied on a flash drive and in my box as well. 
  8. Insurance Policies – Keep your home owners, life insurance and any other policies in the box.
  9. Credit Cards Numbers, backup ATM cards or health insurance cards etc. – Write down your credit car numbers and their expiration dates. Keep an extra copy of your ATM and health insurance cards on hand as well.
  10. Social Security Cards – Place yours and family member’s cards in the box. Numbers can be written down in another location or memorized.

Again, this list is not all inclusive.  If you have adoption papers, a marriage license or other legal documents be sure to include them too.







10 Tips To Help Prepare For a House Fire


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Have you dealt with smoke or fire in your home?  First, I’ve dealt with smoke damage. Thankfully it didn’t reach the level of a house fire.  It’s been several years, but I remember it like yesterday.  My daughter and her family were visiting for the first time with the new baby. They arrived late, but after a few hours of laughing and talking we headed to bed.

Sometime during the night, I thought I heard the smoke alarm going off. For some season I thought I was dreaming. I remember hearing a knock on my bedroom door.  At that time I heard the smoke alarm and realized it was not a dream.  My daughter yelled, “Mom get out of the house.”  So, I snatched up my grandson and grabbed a blanket off the bed.  I ran out the front door to my car, and placed my grandson in the back seat.  Afterwards, I started the car since it was a pretty cold and moved it to my neighbor’s driveway.  I returned to the house and yelled for my daughter to get the baby out of the house and into the car.

Next, I went back inside to see where my son-in-law was and what had happened since I didn’t see flames anywhere. He explained that he opted not to use the bottle warmer.  But, he decided to use the old school pan and water on the stove method.  He fall asleep waiting for it to warm.  I instructed him to open all of the doors and windows and I headed to the bedroom area to turn on the whole house fan.

Fortunately, it was great in helping to remove the smoke from the house. My glass top cook surface was cracked from the pan.  Unfortunately, it would need to be replaced.  However, everyone was okay and that was truly what was important. My son in law had burned his hand removing the pan, so I got out the first aid kit to tend to it.

Because the entire house smelled like smoke, I turned on the whole house fan.  It sucked the smoke out in no time.  But, it did nothing for the smoke smell.  It lingered and it was embedded in the furniture and window coverings.  I would have to bring in professionals for clean up and contact the insurance company to replace my cook top.  Even so, I knew that it could have turned into a disaster so I was thankful that I was dealing with smoke only.  Also, I was concerned about the baby. She was a preemie and had just gotten out of the hospital a few weeks before the visit.

We ran fans throughout the house, so it was bearable until I could get everything cleaned up.   I made mental notes the entire week-end on what I needed to do to ensure that I was covered in case of a fire.  I had house insurance, but I wanted to make sure everything else was in order too.  Here’s the list that came into fruition:

  1. Working Smoke Alarm(s) – First, make sure your alarms are working and batteries are changed regularly.  If you’re sleeping, they could save yours and your family’s life during a house fire.
  2. Replacement Insurance – Second, make sure your policy covers the replacement value of your items.
  3. Working Fire Extinguishers –  Also, make sure your extinguisher fits your home. My home is electric so I have a Class E and a Class C for my Propane Fryer. My profane fryer is used in my driveway to fry my turkey. Both extinguishers are under my kitchen sink.
  4. Fire Proof Box  – Next, place your insurance policies, credit card numbers, deed and any other important papers in a fire proof box. If possible, place copies  in a Safe Deposit Box as well.
  5. Make Copies Of Photos  – Furthermore, make copies of photos that you will not be able to obtain from a family member for replacement purposes and keep them off-site. Backup your laptop and keep a copy of your laptop pictures on a flash drive off site as well.
  6. Develop An Emergency Exit Plan – Most importantly, develop an exit plan and discuss it with everyone in your household.
  7. Duplicate Keys – Also, duplicate car, house keys and any information that you carry in your purse/wallet.  Finally, place them in a safe location outside of your home. You may not be able to grab your purse or wallet as you’re running for safety during a house fire.
  8. Check Doors and Windows – Additionally, make sure windows can be raised in your home and that all doors are operational.  Everyone must be able to exit the home.  Remember, this is crucial during a house fire.
  9. Take Inventory of Your Household Belongings – This includes furniture, clothing (furs, ball gowns etc.), paintings, jewelry, antiques, collectibles etc. Place a copy of your list and pictures in your Safety Deposit and/or Fire Proof Box.
  10. Have a Backup System To Contact 911 Other Than Your Phone –  My Alarm system has a button for the fire department, 1 for the police and 1 for the ambulance.  I can push it as I’m exiting the house. No conversation is required. I also have a button on my security system key.  I keep it close 24 x 7.

Most importantly, don’t wait until it’s too late to put together a preparation plan.  My smoke incident woke me up in more ways than one.   Finally, don’t be caught unprepared.  Start working on an emergency plan now.  You will want to be prepared for a house fire.

Preparing For Smoke and Water Damage In Your Home




Have you encountered smoke and/or water damage in your home?  If you have encountered either, you know the stress and work that it takes to get everything cleaned up, right?  I have experienced both, my basement flooding because the Sump Pump malfunctioned and my entire house receiving smoke damage because my son-in-law left a pan on the stove and fall asleep.

Lets start with the smoke damage. Thank goodness it was just smoke and not a fire.  It took us hours to clear the house of smoke, but the smell lingered.  I eventually called in a professional to rid my house of smoke and to clean the carpet, drapes and furniture.

I wish I had known about Aer Industries and their products. They serve the industry professionals with a wide range of commercial equipment, which includes restoring water damaged indoor environments to safe and dry conditions. They are also master distributors of B-Ari®, BluDri®, Soleaire® and Abatement® products and offer a wide range of air movers, dehumidifiers and scrubbers for smoke removal, drying carpet and more.  In addition, they sell equipment that the average home owner would appreciate having on hand just in case of an emergency.

I certainly could have used an Air Scrubber that night.  Did you that know professionals use air scrubbers when they’re called in? There’s a dry and a wet scrubber, they are used according to the situation. Wet Scrubbers are used for smoke and/or dust and Dry scrubbers are used to remove odors and acidic gases in the air. This would be a great Christmas or birthday gift for the man of the house or a family member.



air movers for smoke

Lets move on to flooding basements. Having a Dehumidifier is essential if you are a contractor or if your basement is prone to flooding. Basement flooding can be an issue if you live in a flood prone area; however, flooding can happen even if you don’t live in a flood zone.  Many home owners make the mistake of thinking that they won’t experience flooding because they don’t live in a flood zone. There are times when sump pumps malfunction or an area receives excessive rainfall. Expect the unexpected and be prepared. 

Dehumidifiers can come in handy in helping to dry carpet or a flooded area in your home.  Flooding is not limited to basements, pipes can burst in kitchens and baths too. I was checking out the Super Monsoon, it states when maximum air ventilation is needed look no further. The prices are reasonable and be sure to check out the colors being offered for the equipment.  Who said industrial work can’t be pretty.  Watching a colorful machine working to restore your home to its original beauty is a great way to bring a little happiness into your life. They also have a professional series if you or your husband make a living doing cleanup as well as financial assistance.  To put the icing on the cake, shipment is free in the Continental USA.

Moisture in your home can be harmful, so we need to take flooding issues seriously. High moisture content causes the musty odor in basements or other parts of buildings. Excess moisture encourages the growth of mold and mildew, which in turn causes a musty smell too. Mold is not healthy and can be costly to get rid of. 

Take my word for it, dehumidifiers, air movers and scrubbers can come in handy during an emergency.  Purchasing the necessary equipment should be seen as an investment in your home rather than an expense. Being unprepared for a disaster can be stressful, frightening, and depressing.  Head over to Aer Industries and check out how they can assist you with your smoke and water damage tools.

Note:  I have received compensation for this post; however, all opinions are my own.