Colorful Summer Printables For Kids

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Occupying children in the summer can be challenging. We have the solution, printables.  If you’re headed to the beach or decided to go camping instead, these colorful summer printables will get them excited.  They will occupy them for a few hours.  What parent wouldn’t be grateful for an hour or two of peach and quiet.  They are great for road trips or at home for rainy day activities.

The beach printable is filled with fun items: umbrella, snorkel, star fish and other items that you will find at the beach. It is a great way to help children enhance their writing and spelling skills during the summer months too.  This printable would be great on a road trip to the beach.  See how many items you can find while you’re walking along the board walk or shops.  Mark them off the list when you return to your vacation home.  This is a great way to challenge your memory too.

Our camping printable is a word search puzzle and just as fun and colorful. It’s filled with camping items. The goal is to find the items on the list.  Many children don’t get the opportunity to go camping.  Children who have never been camping will become familiar with camping items.  This printable is a great way to educate them.  It’s also a challenge for this who have been camping.  The puzzle will also help children improve their vocabulary and their  spelling during the summer.

When you need to eliminate boredom, print these beach and camping printables .  Printing them on cardstock makes them a little sturdier.  The kids will be yelling let the fun begin in no time.  Be sure to grab a clipboard, so the kids will have a hard item to work on.  Clipboards are great for road trips and writing while resting in the shade on the beach.   

 Check our Black History Month challenge.  Have your children test their knowledge of African American Inventions.  There’s also an answer key to assist you.  Which printable is your favorite, the beach or camping?

Preschool Garden Vegetable Printables

teaching children about vegetablesteaching children about vegetablesteaching children about vegetablesteaching children about vegetables

I found these adorable garden vegetables printables for kids at  So, I thought I would share them with my readers. They’re a fun way to to expose children to gardening.  Furthermore, you can discuss the importance of vegetables in our diet. It’s also a great way to start a conversation about planting a small vegetable garden.  Furthermore, they can become familiar with growing their own food. Getting children involved in gardening teaches them to nurture and to become self-sufficient. Children should learn to be responsible at an early age.  Responsibility will become a life lesson.  Check out my other backyard vegetable gardening posts.

Try planting kaleidoscope carrots to peak your child’s interest.  Orange can be boring so add a little color. Plant kaleidoscope carrots that are yellow, purple, orange, red and sometimes white. Popcorn is a favorite on movie night. Try planting some colored popcorn. Husk the corn after it has dried and store for movie night. Tomatoes come in different colors too. I plant red, yellow, orange and purple tomatoes. Get creative and make it a family event. Children often like what you like.
Also, allow your children to explore seed catalogues.  They can check out different varieties of plant and flowers. For example, sunflower are big deal at my house. We plant Russian Mammoth, Lemon Queen, and Autumn beauty for a colorful summer display. The Mexican Sunflower is small and could be a variable option for children. Don’t leave pumpkins off you list.  Remember they do require lots of space though.
I plan to let my 4 year old granddaughter color these vegetable printables.   Grab a box of crayons and print these tomato, green beans, carrot and corn printables, and let your kids go to work too.
Stay tuned for our April Showers posts this month.  We’ll be sharing more activities for kids, craft roundups and other ideas for those rainy days.  You can download the vegetable printables here:
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6 Free Chore Charts for Children


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Do you give your children chores?  First, I have found that many of our children today have become entitled. They think that they shouldn’t have to work for anything.  Somehow the world owes them.  They make no effort in school, and most importantly they have no respect for their parents or anyone else.  Attitude is everything.

Furthermore, children should learn that there are no entitlements.  They must work for they what they want in life. Children need to understand that mom is not a maid or their personal chef.  Putting a roof over their head and food on the table is the result of work.  Just as important, many children grow up not knowing how to care for themselves or how to do things around the house.  They think it’s okay to depend on someone else to take care of them for their entire life.

Each of us should strive to become independent.  Furthermore, we should each strive to make contributions in the world.  Raising responsible children is a must for parents.  It all starts at home.  That thought process still continues in my home.  It applies to my grandchildren today.  Equally important, work ethics should be instilled early.  There are many benefits to children being given chores.  We suggest that you use our children’s chore charts below to track and reward their progress.  Here are a few benefits for giving children chores:

  • Responsibility – So, teaching children to take care of the home and themselves should be taught early. This includes their room and their hygiene.
  • The Importance of Completing A Task Next, children need to learn how to start a task and take it to completion.  They will learn endurance, perseverance, and to do things over again if it’s not satisfactory.  Using chore charts is a good way to help them remember and organize.
  • Team Work Chores will teach children about working as a member of a team in the home. Seeing that each has a part will help them see how each contributes. It will demonstrate that each team member contributes to the success of a family and relationship.
  • Self Sufficiency Children need to learn how to sustain themselves when possible.  Getting a drink from the refrigerator can teach self sufficiency.  Putting on their clothes, shoes etc. are good places to start.
  • How to Clean and Organize Giving children the responsibility of helping with dishes, meals and cleanup teaches this lesson.  It will give them a sense of keeping things tidy, and the satisfaction of keeping order.
  •  The Importance of Money Children need to learn that things in the home cost money.  This includes recreational items, clothes, games, toys etc.  Allowing them to do chores to earn money is a great way to help with this lesson. Teach them to save for something they want.  Allow them to experience the excitement of reaching their goals.
  • How to Save Money Giving an allowance for assisting around the house is a great way to teach children to save money for something they would like to have or do down the road. 
  • Receiving and Giving Rewards Children will learn that receiving and giving rewards boosts confidence and self-esteem.   

chore chart printablesNext,  download our children’s chore charts shown above here.  Children’s chore charts are a great way to help your children remember and complete their daily chores.  Use gold stars as a reward.  Place the gold stars on the days chores were completed.  Most importantly, praise your children generously.  Praise can be more of an award than the gold stars and money.