Remove The Bull

I went to visit my little darlings this past weekend so we could pick out pumpkins for Halloween. We decided to go to a different pumpkin patch this year, oh my.  When we arrived, we decided to jump on the hayride, which was quite different from what we were used to when visiting the other pumpkin patch we normally go to.  The idea was to take us on the opposite side of the farm where the kids could play on the haystack slide, bounce house and other activities.  

As we were riding along, I spotted these beautiful horses.  So cute with the foal taking a nap, but my grandson spotted the huge bull in the above picture heading over to the wagon to say hello. It didn’t go over well, as you can see my grandson was not a happy camper and ran to Mawmaw to rescue him.  The driver explained that the bull weighed 2,000 pounds, but in my grandson’s mind it was 5,000 pounds. The driver was courtesy, when he saw that my grandson was upset he drive away.  The funniest thing was his 3 year old sister telling him that the poppa cow just wanted to kiss him.  Xavier wasn’t having any of it.  He just wanted to move away from that huge monster of a cow that wanted to eat him.    

These were happier times.  We hoped off the hay wagon and headed to the teepees and pumpkin patch.  Xavier soon forgot about the bull and had a great time inside the teepee and Zarriah in the pumpkin patch.  

This was our first visit to Taylor Farms in Virginia Beach, VA.  We had a great time and will return. If you’re visiting or live in the Hampton’s Road area, be sure to pay them a visit. This pumpkin patch is a great family spot, easy parking, it allows many photo opportunities to capture memories and it’s designed to fit a limited budget.  


Fall Is In the Air

fall foliage, fall colors

There’s nothing more beautiful than fall. The air is so refreshing and crisp, and it wraps us in a blanket of red, orange, yellow, burgundy and browns. Apple cider warms us when we’re chilly and fall fashions can be layered according to the temperature.  It’s also the beginning of boot season for me  I love, love, love boots.  Ankle boots, high heel boots, knee high boots, it doesn’t matter as long as it is a boot.  

The above picture was taken in my home town.  The color of the tree against the gray stone on the church was just stunning to me, I had to snap the picture.  Isn’t it beautiful? This time of year I grab my camera and just drive.  No particular destination in mind, I drive and whenever I can I get out and take pictures.  I’m going to share a few with you today.  

pumpkin carving, fall pumpkins, scary pumpkins

This pumpkin was carved at a local wine festival that I attended on a beautiful horse farm in Virginia.  Watching the artist perfect her craft was amazing.  It’s also the largest pumpkin that I’ve ever seen.  Of course the children had a ball with the end result, it is amazing.  

I love seeing pumpkin patches come alive, pumpkin carvings, taking hay rides, and roasting hot dogs.  Lets not leave out the kettles of home made apple butter, apple dumplings and candied apples.  

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

It’s scenes like this that make fall my favorite season too.  This picture was taken in Harpers Ferry, WV, which is one of my favorite places to visit during the season.  It provides an excellent opportunity for photo opportunities like this.  I have so many memories of coming through that tunnel on the Amtrak. It’s beauty such as this that causes you to find peace within yourself and the world.  

I’m looking forward to gathering leaves with my grandchildren for fall crafts, sitting by my new fire pit, and enjoying fall days.  What are some of your favorite fall activities?

Making Memories

Have you visited the Hunt Club in Virginia Beach, VA?  It’s a wonder place to visit if you’re looking for opportunities to make great memories with your children.  They offer so many activities throughout the year from Easter Bunny and egg hunts to pumpkin patches, carnival rides and photo opportunities with Santa Claus.  I’ve taken my grandson there for the past several years to visit the pumpkin patch and the Winter Wonderland.  This is a picture of Xavier’s first pony ride.  His mother was truly bringing up the rear on his journey, lol.  That pony couldn’t take a step without her taking one too.  Neverless, we had a wonder time.  Xavier enjoyed the ride although he said it was “bumpy”. 
I enjoy creating memories with my grandson.  I’m always looking for an opportunity to expose him to all that the world has to offer.  The Hunt Club provides an opportunity to enjoy a family day in a beautiful and safe setting.  I will be taking him to the Winter Wonderland next week-end to visit Santa.  Last year, he wasn’t interested in sitting on Santa’s lap.  He wasn’t having anything to do with him.  In case he decides he doesn’t want anything to do with him this year either, we can still visit the beautiful display of animated characters, a petting zoo with lights and a bonfire for roasting marshmallows.  I don’t know who has the most fun on our journeys, Xavier or me.  If you’re in the area, it is truly worth a visit.  Beware, your children will want to visit again and again.     

Wordless Wednesday

My Little Sweetie at his 1st Pumpkin Patch last year.

He thought they were balls, lol.