10 Dollar Tree Bargains

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I love the Dollar Tree. I can always find a bargain, but the best reason is that I save tons of money purchasing various items. Everything’s A Dollar! Here’s a list of some of my favorite Dollar Tree items:

party supplies, paper party supplies

1.  Party Items – I purchase the majority of my party items from the Dollar Store. This includes tablecloth, utensils, cups, napkins etc. They have a variety of colors and they usually increase their color selection during the holidays and graduation. 

flash cards, school supplies

2.  Early Learning Supplies – These are great for helping with math homework.   

3.  Craft Items – I can find ribbon, glue sticks, greenery, and flowers etc. for a lot less than         Michael’s or A.C. Moore. 

4.  Glassware – I have found adorable glassware at the Dollar Tree. I love the color of these glasses. I snatched up 6. I’ve also purchased wine glasses that I love to fill with candy and give as gifts during the holidays or as a party favor. I also purchase vases for crafts and cylinders for candles. 

5.  Gift Bags/Wrapping Paper – I purchase my gift bags and wrapping paper at the Dollar Tree. They have a large assortment and various size bags for birthdays, wedding and seasonal selections. 

6.  Seasonal Items – Great place to purchase seasonal decorating items, stocking stuffers or party favors. 

7.  Packing/Mailing Supplies – I mail packages to my grandchildren so I purchase box tape, bubble wrap and mailing envelopes here. Cheaper than the big box stores. 
Disney coloring books, kids activities

8.  Books/Puzzles – Great place to buy coloring and activity books for the kids.  They also have books for bedtime stories, notebooks, pencils, markers etc. 

9.  Snack Items  – I find good deals on pretzels, popcorn, trail mix, pudding, apple sauce cups and other snack items much cheaper than the grocery store. 

10.  Storage Items – I purchase storage containers to house my craft, gardening items and the kid’s coloring books and crayons.  I love the containers that I can stack in my craft room or their room. 

You can find name brand items at the Dollar Tree as well as off-brand depending on what you’re are looking for. Either way saving money is the name of the game, and that you will do.

Photos courtesy of Dollar Tree.