This Murder’s Friend Contacted Me

I had an interesting response to the review of this book, Out Of Control. On Thursday, January 29, I received an email response from Amy Redus. Amy stated that she and Clara Harris were best friends. Needless to say, I was shocked. I always look forward to comments on my posts, but to have someone respond that is connected to the murder was totally unexpected.

I’ve asked myself if it would be unethical to share my conversation with Amy with my readers, and I’ve concluded that it is not. I have removed her email address. My blog and the comments made are open to everyone. Also, Ms. Redus stated that her intentions was to post a comment on the blog as you will see below.

Here’s Ms. Redus comment:

—– Original Message —–
From: Amy Redus
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2009 12:56 PM
Subject: Out of Control

Hi Rhonda,
I enjoyed your blog and tried to post on it but am not sure if I was successful or not. I saw that you had read Out of control by Steven Long. I am just wondering what you though of Clara Harris before and after reading his book? I read the book also and thought he did a pretty good job.

Here’s my response:

—– Original Message —–
From: Rhonda Gales
To: Amy Redus
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2009 7:34 PM
Subject: Re: Out of Control

Hi Amy,

Thanks for stopping by. I really didn’t know Clara Harris before reading the book except what I had heard on Oprah, so I hadn’t formed an opinion. After reading the book, I believed she was a scorned woman who lost sight of what was really important. God, herself, and her children. If a man chooses to stray, there’s nothing you can do to stop him. You can loose weight, color your hair, buy new clothes, but that won’t change his direction if he decides that’s how it’s going to be.

I can understand her anger and frustration. She built a million dollar business with this man, helped raise his daughter, gave him twins and maintained his home. It had to be difficult to face the fact that he was willing to throw it away for the Office Assistant. I would have fought back in the court room, but it wouldn’t have been for murder. He would have been facing adultery charges.

We as women forget, that a man can’t make us or break us unless we allow him. She could have moved on with the business, home, children and someone who really appreciated her. Now she has nothing, but a life behind bars. Such a sad situation for the children.

Amy’s Response:

From: Amy Redus
To: Rhonda Gales
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2009 7:58 AM
Subject: Re: Out of Control

You are right, only one thing she didn’t mean to kill him. She wanted to stop him from leaving with her. She knew Gail or had heard Gail was lesbian and knew that she was just after David’s money. She meant to run into gails car and just lost it. She was just at her breaking point. She happens to be my best friend and I know that in her right mind she would never in her right mind even hurt David. You were right again and she says her priorities were out of line. To her David was her King/God she thought he was everything so when he betrayed her like that it was very emotional. Even David’s mother who is like a moo to me says Clara loved David too much. I was just curious about what you though. Oprah went to Mountain view to interview Clara not really liking Clara but mainly going for the story. She left the interview with a better understanding of her emotional state.
Yes things would have been so much easier if she would have just left that night but she did Allow David to break her and something in her snapped and she lost control of the situation. She has lost everything but she has gained a deeper relationship with God, her friends and many people He has sent to help her through this time. She has served 6 years and we are in the beginning stages of looking for a parole attorney for her.

I sent another response to Amy. I didn’t agree with everything she stated in her response, so I had to voice my opinion on several of her statements. I’m currently waiting for her comment.

While waiting for Ms. Redus response, I decided to check her out. I probably shoud have done that before my initial response, lol. Anyway, I googled Ms. Redus and she is truly connected to Clara Harris. According to the transcripts on CNN Connie Chung interviewed Ms. Redus on January 23, 2003. According to Connie Chung, Amy stated that she just knew Clara Harris through church. From reading the transcript, it doesn’t appear that Amy knew Clara Harris very well.

My search on Yahoo turned up additional information. From that search, it would appear that Ms Redus and Clara Harris have established a closer relationship. Amy Redus speaks of Clara Harris at Friends For Clara Harris and another site also entitled Friends For Clara Harris.

I’m unsure if I will hear from Amy Redus again, but I welcome her comments and I’m striving for an interview with her regarding her friendship with Clara Harris and the site The Friends Of Clara Harris and their cause. Inspite of our different view points of Clara Harris’ actions, I believe that we have connected for a reason. I will keep each of you in the loop, and I welcome your comments on this post.

True Crime Book Reviews: Clara Harris Murder

Out of control is an excellent true crime story. As you know, I love true crime books and I’ve decided to read more in 2009. I saw Clara Harris on Oprah years ago. I didn’t see the entire episode, I just remembered a silver Mercedes being involved and she was a dentist accused of murdering her dentist husband.

While browsing books in Borders I came across Out Of Control and decided to add it to my reading arsenial. I’m glad I added it, I couldn’t put it down.

David and Clara Harris were married on Valentine’s day. How romantic. They built a million dollar dental business and purchased a mansion. Clara was helping to raise David’s daughter, who she adored.  She gave birth to twins, which put the icing on the cake.  Life was good, until David started an affair with the office assistant. Clara had wrapped herself in their home and family and was unaware of David’s infidelity.  Everyone was talking behind her back.  Even her step daughter who worked in the office was aware of her father’s unfaithful behavior.

Oh, but what’s done in the dark will come to light.  Clara soon learned of the betrayal. She fired the office assistant and hoped to save her marriage.  She wasn’t willing to throw everything away that easily.  David agreed to work on the marriage. He arranged to meet Gail and end their relationship formally.

Clara no longer trusted David and decided to hire a private investigator to ensure David was not straying from the marriage again. David realized that he had true feelings for Gail, the office assistant, and he missed her. He told his wife how he felt. He arranged a meeting with Gail, but not to end their relationship. Clara sensed it and became obsessed with her husband’s whereabouts. On the night of the meeting, she and her step-daughter drove around the city trying to locate David. The destination would end at the Hilton Hotel. Clara came up with a scheme to flush David out. She called his cell phone to tell him one of the children was sick and he needed to come home. David didn’t move fast enough so Clara called again. She headed to the elevator so she could confront him.

Next, the elevator doors open and there stands David and Gail holding hands.  Clara lost it. She beat the crap out of Gail, ripping off her blouse and pounding her head against the floor. Gail is in shock, David had told her that he and Clara had an open marriage.  Security escorts Gail to her car with David trailing behind. Clara and her step daughter leave the hotel and head toward her silver S-Class Mercedes. Clara realizes that her fairy tale marriage is over, her world has crumbled. Once inside the vehicle, Clara points the car toward David and accelerates.  As if that wasn’t enough, she throws the car in reverse and backs over him. Hell have no fury like a woman scorned.

The author did a great job bringing out the characters and details in the book. I would suggest that you purchase the book so you can experience it for yourself. It’s a great read!