Old Navy Bargains – 6 Reasons I Love Their Children’s Clothing

I spent last week-end shopping for some of the grandchildren’s summer clothing. I decided to head to Old Navy. As with all children, they don’t stay in clothing or shoes very long.  I have become an expert on getting the most for my money when it comes to children’s clothing. I seek quality, but I want it within my budget. 

                                                     Miss Muffin wearing an Old Navy dress

When I shop, I’m on a mission. Both of my grandchildren are picky about what they wear. Yes, at 3 and 7.  They will both tell me, Mawmaw this doesn’t look good on me. It’s imperative that I maximize my dollars to the fullest extend to ensure they feel good about themselves and what they wear. Old Navy is at the top of my list for summer casual wear. Here’s why: 

  • Great Prices –  I was able to grab toddler tees for $4.00 – $5.00. 
  • Quality – Their clothing doesn’t shrink and the colors don’t fade. 
  • Large Selection – They have a large selection in tees, shorts, dresses, pants and shoes for both boys and girls.  
  • Great Styles – Their clothing is stylish. 
  • Free Shipping – Old Navy offers free shipping over $50 if you order on-line. They have deals on-line that they don’t offer in the store, so check on-line for additional savings. 
  • Great Customer Service – The customer service is great when I have to make an exchange.  
                                        Miss Muffin wearing Old Navy swimwear & accessories

My grandson will be turning 8 in September. He has come into his own with style, so he likes to either select his own clothes or approve them once I get them home. Here’s a few items that I picked for him.   

He loved the boat shoes. Who knew, he loves Niki, Jordans, KDs, and Kyries. I don’t know who was happier about the shoes, him or me. Big difference from $80 for each pair of sneakers to $20 for the boat shoes. Guess who’s heading back to see if they have them in other colors. I can never go wrong with the sports tees at $12. The polos run around $8 and up. They look great with the boat shoes and a pair of shorts. 

I also purchase some of their shorts from Old Navy. They make their children’s shorts and pants with elastic on the inside that can be adjusted, so both of the children get lots of wear out of their shorts and pants. Most are in good enough shape to pass to a family member, take to a thrift shop or Goodwill after a year or two. This is quality on a budget, and why Old Navy is my go to.   

Head to Old Navy, and get your shopping on. The kids will love you for it and you will love the savings. 

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