Kid’s Breakfast Ideas: Animal Pancakes

kids breakfast ideas

When I saw these adorable pancake molds, I couldn’t resist.  When Xavier and Zarriah are visiting, they wake up every morning looking forward to helping Mama make their favorite pancakes and waffles.  I’ve stocked up on pancake molds.  My stash includes:  barnyard animals and dinosaurs.  They love eating this fun shaped pancakes and I can count on a Happy Plate. What is a Happy Plate?  One that makes Mawmaw happy, and ensures the kids eat a healthy meal. 

Xavier enjoys helping me mix the batter and watching me pour it into the molds.   I must admit, I enjoy eating a fun shaped pancakes too.  These adorable shapes make breakfast exciting for the kids.  Who doesn’t want to devour a rooster, pig or dinosaur for breakfast.  I need to find a few girly molds for Zarriah.  Let the search begin.  

I found the molds on e-bay.  They’re easy to use as long as you spray the molds well with PAM as well as the griddle.  I allow the molds to heat up before I pour the batter into them.  This ensures they lift from the griddle easily I’ve found that a batter bottle or ketchup/mustard bottle works well in controlling the batter when pouring it into the molds.  I found mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $2.00.  

fun foods for kids

Make sure your kids enjoy breakfast with fun pancakes.  Add a few fresh strawberries or apple slices with the pancakes, and you’re guaranteed a happy plate too.   Bon Appetit’!

Kids Funny Face Breakfast – Part IV

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Welcome to another fun post of Kids Funny Face Breakfast.  We will be adding posts for lunch and dinner ideas as well, so watch for upcoming posts.  This is Muffin Dog.  He’s just waiting for your little one to devour him.  You will need the following ingredients:

Omelet (body)
English Muffin, sliced as shown (body, ears, legs, tail)
Olive, sliced as shown (eyes)
String cheese slices (eyes)
Strawberry slice or pimento from olive (tongue)

This recipe is from the book Funny Food: 365 Fun, Healthy, Silly, Creative Breakfasts by Bill & Claire Wurtzel and can be purchased from Amazon.