My Ancestors Discovered Johnsontown


It’s Black History Month, and I wanted to share a little of my history with you so you can get to know me better.  I’m in the midst of tracing my ancestry, and I discovered that a small town near me was discovered by my great, great, great grandmother and grandfather.  I remember going to family reunions in a town called Johnsontown, WV, but I have to admit I had no idea of the history behind it.

The town was discovered by George W. and Betty Johnson who were slaves in Pennsylvania.  In 1848, they were freed.  The slave owners brought them to Virginia where they founded Johnsontown on 12 acres of land. It is now, Johnsontown, WV.  My grandfather, my mother’s father, is a descendant.  They built several homes, a church  and a one room school house in the small community.  Before the church was built, the one room school house was used for both church and school.

I remember attending family reunions in Johnstown.  The cook-out was Saturday and the following Sunday one of my relatives would preach at the small church shown above.  My mother’s side of the family were religious people on both sides.  They have a history of being Ministers, Bishops, Evangelists or marrying those who were.  I often wonder how my grandfather and my grandmother meet.  My grandfather who I loved dearly missed the boat on his religious calling.  He drank and raised hell every week-end God sent, but he never missed a day of work.  He taught me to care, share, work hard and play even harder.  I remember him planting a garden the size of a field to feed all of his children and grandchildren and making a career on the B and O Railroad.  My grandparents stayed married until the day my grandfather died.  My grandmother grieved herself to death, she passed away 6 months later. 
I’m proud of my heritage and wanted to share a part of my history with you.  Have you traced your ancestry?  Please share a part of your history.  Knowing who you are is a great feeling!

Quotable Sunday

It’s Quotable Sunday thanks to Toni at A Daily Dose of Toni. I haven’t participated in a few weeks, but I decided this Sunday would be a perfect time for me to get back on track. In honor of Black History Month, I will be using African Proverbs for the month of February. I hope you enjoy them:

*It Take A Village To Raise A Child
Hilary Clinton made this African Proverb famous. It was true than, and it is true now.

*We start As fools and become wise through experience.
None of us are born with tools for life. We learn as we go and from our experiences. I look at each day as a learning experience with the expectation that I will go to bed knowing more than I did when I woke.

*Don’t set sail on someone else’s star
Don’t wish for someone else’s fortune. Be happy for them, but set your own destiny. You will enjoy the experience so much more when you arrive.

*Confiding a secret to an unworthy person is like carrying grain in a bag with a hole.
Oh yes, your secret will leak out little by little. Be careful what you say, and who you say it to.

*There is no medicine to cure hatred
Be kind to one another. When you open your heart to love and respect, there is no room for hatred.

I hope that you have enjoyed these proverbs, I have enjoyed sharing them with you. Let us know which is your favorite, and don’t forget to visit A Daily Dose of Toni for more quotes.