Lunch With A Friend

I had lunch this week with friend at one of my favorite restaurants, The Bavarian Inn. I absolutely this place. It’s a local restaurant that specializes in German crusine, but they have the best crab cakes and whipped potatoes. The decor is wonderful and they have a great view of their chalets, which have great paintings.

While having lunch with a friend a question crossed my mind. Have you found that food tastes better when you’re enjoying it with a good friend? I’ve taken a look at my friendships over the last few months, and I have few people that I consider a friend. Now to some that may not be a good thing, but to me it shows that I’ve matured and I’ve learned that you can only have a few friends. I have associates, but I can count my true friends on 1 hand.

The majority of them have been in my life for a long time. They’ve stood by me through marriage, motherhood, divorce and now my current relationship. They were there to hold me and wipe my tears when I lost my father to cancer. They’ve fixed soup when I was sick and vowed to take care of my daughter if anything ever happened to me. They’ve stood by me when I’ve made a complete fool out of myself and said things that I later regretted. They’ve stood by me when I’ve made brilliant decisions and not so brilliant decisions. At every turn of my life, they’ve been there. These people have made my life easier with a kind word, a hug, or a pat on the back. These are the people who I call my friends.

What’s your definition of a friend? Leave us comment and tell us about your friendships.

Welcome To West Virginia

Here’s three of my favorite places to eat, The Bavarian Inn, The Purple Iris, and the Yellow Brick Bank.

The Bavarian Inn (Top) – is known for its German cuisine, but they have wonderful American dishes too. I usually go here for lunch, but the prices are reasonable for both lunch and dinner. I personally love their crab cakes. They are to die for. They are served with whipped potatoes and fresh asparagus. Their bread is wonderful too and the service is great. The Bavarian offers offers chalets if you would like to spend the night. The view is beautiful, they overlook the Potomac River. Nice for a romantic getaway, anniversary or New Years eve.

The Purple Iris (Middle) is absolutely beautiful. It’s an old mansion that is decorated impeccably. The grounds are awesome. To top it off, the food is divine. I can’t decide who has the best crab cakes, The Bavarian Inn or The Purple Iris so I just continue to go to both. I take my employees here for lunch at Christmas. There are Christmas trees and lights everywhere. Awesome place for a wedding too. You can’t go wrong here, but you must have a reservation. It’s the owner’s home. Tiffany and Daniel Harshbarger, adorable couple, are the owners. I love it!

The Yellow Brick Bank (Bottom) was one of Nancy Reagan’s favorite lunch spots. She frequented our area often. We always knew when she was in town, black SUVs would be everywhere. Let me tell you why, the food is finger licking good and the ambiance is superb. This restaurant used to be a bank when I was a kid. It’s in my home town, so is the Bavarian Inn. I may be a little biased about this restaurant, my cousin is a chief there. His fried chicken is gobbled up by Washington, DC dignitaries. There’s nothing funnier than watching a group of men in Brooks Brothers suits and ladies in Vera Wang suits licking their fingers while eating his fried chicken. Their Tortelini Alfredo on the lunch menu and their Rack of Lamb on the dinner menu are highly recommended. You can see Clifford in the photo gallery. Tell him cousin Rhonda sent you.

I’ll be eating at Chima’s on Saturday. My significant other and I share the same birthday, we chose this restaurant to celebrate. I don’t have any pictures to share, but check back next week for a review. I’ll be sure to take a few pictures while we’re there.

I hope that you will find one of the restaurants to your liking. Please stop by tomorrow for a great shopping experience.

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