Cinnamon Buns As An Arousal?

Do you think you can arouse your man with the smell of cinnamon buns? I don’t mean getting him to the table for breakfast, we all know that we can accomplish that. According to Woman’s World magazine, research has shown that the smell of cinnamon buns arouse men.
When I read the article, I laughed. I thought that I had a better chance using real cinnamon buns.  I pictured myself covered with the sticky, gooey buns, and concluded that a few cinnamon buns just might work and I wouldn’t have to get too creative. The article also mentioned licorice and chocolate.

I was ready to test the theory until I pictured the sticky buns ruining my sheets and down comforter.  I quickly remembered Bath and Body used to sell a Cinnamon Bun body wash and lotion, and I thought just maybe I could get the same reaction with just the aroma of cinnamon buns. Unfortunately, the Cinnamon Bun body wash and lotion is no longer available because it was a holiday edition. I did Google Cinnamon Bun body wash/lotion and it is available several places on e-bay.  I bid a few times, but I have yet to be declared a winner.

I did find a whipped chocolate body butter on Etsy.  My pedicurist turned me on when she used it during one of my pedicures. I absolutely love it and so does my significant other.  

If you’re looking to spice up your relationship try a chocolate, cinnamon bun or licorice body lotion or body wash.   

Havens Sweet Scents Soap Give Away

Take a look at this picture.  What do you think it is?  If you said a set of tools you’re right, partially.  The set is actually soap and so cute.  Wouldn’t they look adorable in a guest bathroom or a basket in your bathroom.  They’re sure to be a conversation piece.  We found them at Haven’s Sweet Scents.  Haven is a SAHM to two wonderful children and runs her own business.  She makes each bar of soap and each bottle of lotion out of natural ingredients, and each is packaged and labeled by hand. 

I was thrilled when Haven’s Sweet Scents asked me to review several of their products.  I received Lemongrass Sage lotion and Honey Oatmeal soap to review.  I absolutely loved both.  I was looking for something to use on my elbows.  Winter is murder on my skin and they had become quite rough.  The Honey Oatmeal soap was gentle, but strong enough to remove the dead skin.  The Lemongrass lotion had a scent that reminded me of the ocean.  I used both for several days on my elbows and feet, and I was surprised at how soft they were after several uses. 

I would highly recommend that you check out Haven’s Sweet Scents.  In addition to the Lemongrass Sage lotion, they have Lavender and White Ginger and Amber among others.  They also have Rosemary Peppermint and Citrus Explosion soap.  Can you smell the Citrus Explosion?  You’ll also find other speciality soaps, which include little frog and turtles and duckies.  Sweet!

We’re giving away a set of the adorable soap shown.  You can be a winner.  Here’s how, visit Haven’s Sweet Scents look around and tell us which color tool set you would like if you win.  This give away is open to US and Canada Residents 18+ only.  This give away will end July 20, 2009 at mid-night. 

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