Christening Day



Last month we lifted Zarriah to the Lord.  It is such a blessing to know that your children and grandchildren will be raised as Christens, and the icing on the cake is being a witness to the event.  We chose this adorable 2 piece Shantung Dress from Pink Princess for the big day.  I’m glad we did, the picture doesn’t do the dress justice.  The price was great, and it was exactly what we were looking for, simple but elegant.  I’m going to have it cleaned and boxed for Zarriah.  We ordered an adorable bracelet; however, it wasn’t shipped.  Pink Princess did give me a refund promptly, but when you’re counting on using a particular accessory for a special occasion it can be disappointing when it is not received.  Thankfully, a friend of my daughter’s had given Zarriah a bracelet as a gift.



I must say, my little Zarriah was an angel during the service.  Because we had the huge carnival party the day before, we only had a small family gathering after the service.  We used the ladybug cake made for the carnival party for dessert.  Zarriah is enjoying her cake along with her God mother, who is a friend of my daughter’s from college.  Amazing lady, she was juggling a 3 month old and a 4 year old that week-end, but still made time to celebrate the Christening with us.

We were so blessed to have so many family members join us at the service.  I will always cherish this picture.  Zarriah will be able to look back one day, and see how much she is loved and those who stood as a witness to help raise her as a Christian. For other Christening Day ideas, click on this link, Christening Day – Make It Special


A Little Lamb

My grandson was baptized on Sunday. He was the perfect little angel the entire service. The christening set that I purchased for him was absolutley adorable. I didn’t win on the little knee socks to go with the outfit, my son-in-law refused to allow his son to wear knee socks, lol.
During the service, I was worried that Xavier would start screaming when our pastor put the holy water on his head, but he just followed every move the pastor made and cooperated as if he knew exactly what was going on. He even extended his hand to the pastor after the service, it was so funny. My daughter was baptized in this church 29 years too, so being able to see him baptized here as well made the day even more special.

We ended the day with a delicious brunch after the service with a few family members and friends. The weather was beautiful. Xavier ended his special day by sticking his hands in the cake and enjoying the icing. That was his first taste of this creamy goodiness.  The bakery did an excellent job with the cake. Not only was it beautiful, it was delicious.
My grandson, is truly a Lamb of God.

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