Can You Steal This?

Lets see if you can steal this! After having her Obama sign stolen, an Austin, TX woman decided to take things to a new level. She used 12 cans of spray paint to permanently mark her front lawn with an Obama logo.

I’ve heard people complaining about their signs being stolen, but none have used this measure to replace it, lol. I believe people should have the right to express their candidate of choose at or in their home and not have to endure someone else’s disapproval or desire to possess their sign.  I admire this lady for fighting back. 

Shannon Bennett used the logo on her stolen Obama sign as a guide to the symbol painted on her lawn. How does her neighbor feel about the new lawn decoration, her neighbor who is a Republican admires her grit and thinks the symbol is pretty too.
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  1. Someone put this into perspective:

    Say I was a McCain supporter & had my McCain sign in my yard (the sign that I "donated" $5.00 for the Republican campaign for)

    Say someone decides to steal my sign.

    I then go out & purchase another, thus supporting the campaign even further.

    Kinda counterproductive for the thief 🙂

    I love the woman who spray painted her yard – sassy.

    I'd like to spray paint a big sign that says,

    "Please quit letting your dog poop in my yard"

    NOW we are talking about getting somewhere.

  2. That’s awesome!  I don’t understand, though why people feel the need to steal other people’s signs. It’s not even like putting a sign on your lawn convinces someone to vote for that candidate. It’s simply a show of support.

    Did you hear about those kids who were stealing McCain signs all through their neighborhood, and got caught by a homeowner who shot one of them(not fatally)?  People really get riled up..

  3. That cracks me up, I just noticed today someone took mine, I just rasturbated (made it bigger with a program) and covered my whole picture window with it. Less light in the Living room but its only until election day, and its bigger

    I wish I had thought of the yard thing :/