Blogging Tips from Pro Blogger – Mom Maven #BloggerInterviews

We’re continuing our interviews with pro bloggers who are sharing blogging tips that help take their blogs to a professional level. Today we’re interviewing the lovely and talented Cindy Schultz from The Mom Maven. 
Let’s begin the interview…………….

1.    I
would like readers to get to know you, so please tell them a little about
yourself and your blog, The Mom Maven. 

I’m a happily married mom of 2 grown men
Aaron is 22 and he married Summer last November. Jordan is 19 and he is a full
time missionary to the youth of America with a ministry based out of Tulsa, OK
called The 99. I started blogging in the summer 2008 on a homeschool blogger
site. I was sharing our journey of homeschooling through high school through. I
quickly moved to Blogger and then to WordPress as my blog’s popularity began to
grow. Now that my children are grown I focus on easy recipes, parenting tips,
entertainment, travel and product reviews and giveaways. I try to speak as the
big sister who has been there and survived that as I share my thoughts with my

2.    I
really love your time management posts. You have suggested that bloggers use an
editorial calendar to plan. I have adopted the idea.  Can you explain the benefits of using a calendar
to manage and organize blogging tasks?  

Rhonda, I’m glad you found that helpful. By using an editorial calendar it is
easier to plan what you are going to write about when. It is much easier to sit
down and write when you know what you are writing about. Having a schedule of
what type of post I’m going to write each day is also helpful. For me, Monday
is travel, Wednesday is my giveaway linky and Friday is always a recipe. That
leaves Tuesday and Thursday for sponsored posts, or posts on other topics that
I don’t write about weekly. I have my calendar written out at least 2-4 weeks
in advance. I always leave some wiggle room so that when a time sensitive post
crops up I can fit it in. Since I have been using my editorial calendar it has
made blogging much less stressful and time consuming for me.
3.    You
used the term “Tribe” in one of your posts regarding social media and sharing
content. Can you explain to readers what a Tribe is and how they benefit from
joining or starting one? 

Currently, I am not in a tribe but if you can find 4-5
other bloggers who you can work well with and grow with, a tribe is a great way
to grow your blog. Most tribes meet regularly via Skype or Google hangout. They
set goals and work together to reach those goals by promoting each other’s
content and teaching each other new skills..     

4.    You
have certain times of the day that you are on social media and you also set a time
limit for each of those sites.  Can you
tell readers about your routine? 

Every month I re-evaluate my schedule and
tweak it as I deem necessary. Currently I spend the first hour of my morning
doing my social shares throughout the different groups I am in. Then I spend
about 90 minutes on the blog post I need to write. Next up is 15 minutes each
on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Instagram liking and sharing content I find
interesting and responding to those who have commented on my posts. Next it is
time for lunch and housework I give myself 60 minutes. I find taking a mid-day
break away from the computer helps me be more productive in the afternoon than
when I eat at my desk and work through. Back to the computer for another 90 minute
blogging session then back to catch up on my social shares and maybe spend time
hanging out on social media. By 4pm I am usually off the computer for the
night, except for a quick after dinner check-in to see if there are more shares
I need to get done.

5.    You
reached a milestone on Twitter last year. You reached 10,000 followers. What
tips can you give bloggers on how they can grow their social media sites? Consistency
and conversation are key.

 Social media is meant to be social. If all you are
doing is dumping links and running, don’t bother. Be on the sites a few times a
day for a few minutes and leave comments and share interesting content from
other people more than you share your own. Use a time so you don’t get sucked
6.     What tips do you have for bloggers on the
importance of keeping their blog organized and clutter free? 

Every quarter I do
a blog overhaul. I check my sidebars etc for things that have gotten cluttered.
We all have different styles but I feel a clean blog with not too much going on
in the sidebar is more welcoming. Also, please make sure you use an
easy-to-read font-nothing too small or frilly. White or light backgrounds are
best. You want readers to stay on your site so make it easy for them to read
and to navigate.

7.     I see you are a co-host of a link party, and a
participant in others.  Can you tell
readers why they should participate in blog linkups?

Linky parties are a great way to get your
content discovered by new readers. It does take time to link up to a bunch of
parties so I suggest trying a few and seeing if they bring traffic your way.
Make sure you follow the rules for the linky, they are all different. If a
linky is bringing you even a small amount of consistent traffic, post there
weekly it is worth the time and effort.

Rhonda, thank you so much for inviting me to join
you today!

When Cindy isn’t blogging on Mom Maven. She spends time with her husband, children and does volunteer work. 



  1. I used to have a very close knit tribe {a slightly bigger one, though} but we have all kind of gone our separate ways. I need to find a new tribe!

  2. I could not make it without an editorial calendar! I don't know how some bloggers do it without one. 🙂 And tribes… I've never been in one, but that does sound interesting!

  3. I know I need to do more than dump links on Twitter.  It is just so hard to not get sucked in.  Great tips!

    • Hey Yellow Tennessee – It is hard to not get sucked in.  I'm learning to spend 10 – 15 minutes on each social media site and get off. I'm finding that if I use the site correctly, I can do a lot in that timeframe. Social media is about re-tweeting and sharing your follower's content as well as interacting. I have found that others will share my content if I share theirs. Thanks for stopping by, lets connect. 

  4. This is a great interview and so insightful!  I love hearing how other bloggers make it all work!

    • Hi Jeannette. Thanks. I had a wonderful time interviewing Cindy and the other pro bloggers. There's so much to learn, so I go to those who are successful at what I'm currently trying to do. Glad you enjoyed the interview. 

  5. I want to know how you do all the social sharing in an hour! Wowzers – that takes me like forever.

    • Hi Patty, – I'm still trying to implement Cindy's tips on social sharing too, lol.  I have mastered the Editorial Calendar, I must admit it is keeping me organized. I'm taking one step at a time.  Lets connect, and thanks for stopping by.

  6. A tribe is so important! We need each other to motivate us. Great points!

    • Hi Maria.  I agree, a tribe is so important. We do need to motivate each other.  Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will be able to implement a few of the tips. 

  7. I've been blogging for 3 years now, and have never heard the term Tribe until this post, honestly. Sounds pretty interesting.

    • Hi Fun Reviews & Giveaways – I've seen the term in the blogging world, but didn't put much weight on it until I read one of Cindy's post on how to use a Tribe. I love the idea of finding a few bloggers in my niche to share each other's content.  Thanks for stopping by, lets connect.

  8. I think you did a remarkable job with this interview Cindy and Rhonda. I must say that Cindy has been my inspiration for getting on the social media schedule bandwagon.

    • Thanks Crystal. I really enjoyed interviewing Cindy.  She gave great tips on how to get organized. I'm using the Editorial Calendar now and it has helped me stay on track and remember what I want to blog about. Having gotten the social media scheduled posting down yet. Need to work on that. Thanks for stopping by.  Lets connect.

  9. Thanks for all the great tips. I need to get on the blog overhaul tip.

    • Hi Elizabeth – I did a blog overhaul about a year ago and so glad I did.  Presenting a fresh and uncluttered face is always good.

  10. I don't get the whole tribe thing, either, but it's something I want to look into at some point.  I know some people who have had real good luck.

    • Hi Masshole Mommy – I'm really considering a Tribe myself. Maybe 4 – 5 people in my niche that I can depend on to share each other's content on Twitter and Google+. Sharing tweets and content is so important in helping each other grow Thanks for stopping by. Lets connect.