Mallards Visiting My Backyard




I stepped out on my deck this morning to sip a cup of coffee and found these little guys taking a swim in my creek.  Aren’t they adorable.  One of the pleasures of living in the country, you never know what you will find in your backyard.  Happy Wednesday everybody. 



  1. Gorgeous.  Wish I had those kinds of views outside!!

  2. Gorgeous.  Wish I had those kinds of views outside!

  3. Sweet.  Country livin is the best in my opinion, I love it. This September will make 4 years we've been livin in the country. I could NEVER go back to city life, I hate it. I had a friend send me an email this morning askin if I wanted any mallard duckings, he will have some hatching out soon & cant take care of em.  So they will becoming to live on Our Little Farm 🙂